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Ice Storm ⛈ Prepper…

It’s the talk of the town! The stores are packed! Good luck finding fresh loaf bread 🍞 and sweet milk… Kerosene is in high demand! And there’s a line at the gas station ⛽️ Will there be an ICE STORM?!

It’s rare for a painting to capture the ‘essence’ of an event. But, I think this one does 😊 Why bread and milk you ask? 2 words – French Toast! 💥

I have lived through a few pretty good ice storms myself! The first was in the early 70’s and it shut the whole town down! Then another around 1985 – pretty bad, but power was back up in a matter of days, so not too bad. Then the big un’ in 1994! Jo and I were newly weds and I remember it well! We laid in the bed and listened to the trees breaking and falling and watched the lights go out… They didn’t come back on for over 3 weeks 😳 But, we had candles, kerosene heaters, a gas cook stove and plenty of Love ❤️ So, it wasn’t that bad 😊 But, I’m sure not hoping for a repeat!
If your a prepper, have a few essentials and be careful trying to get out in the roads until the ice melts. That’s the biggest danger most of us will face – a wreck on icy 🥶 roads…

Take care of your Koi and your other pets during times of unusual cold! Remember- Don’t break the ice on your Pond! And Bring those pets inside when it gets bad! Love your pets ❤️

Don’t break the ice! It will harm your Koi!

They are getting ready to spray salt on the roads now… Y’all be careful 🙏🏻

“The iceman was coming, t’was ice that I smelt Another ice storm, was about to be dealt More ice to be salted And more ice to melt I’m no fan of ice, and that’s how I felt.”

~ Kitty Lou

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