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Sunday Reflections…

Cabin fever. Spring fever. Call it what you want, but I got it… The ice storm we just thawed out from didn’t help either. Stuck in the house with plenty of food, water took up in every container & pot in the house, ready for the worst case scenario to unfold.

So much truth in this painting… You know the drill if your from West TN.

Luckily we dodged the bullet! But we did get some serious ice. The streets were dangerous, some branches and trees came down under the weight. Many people lost power. But it wasn’t like 1994! In 94’ we were out of power for 2 1/2 weeks! 😮 This one only lasted 3 days or so.

So we gathered around the TV 📺 and watched movies 🍿 We tried to stick to a ‘cold theme’… Insomnia, The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo. The Shining. Etc… But being trapped in the house gets to me… My Cabin Fever grew worse… I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for Spring!

“Flakes of snow swirled and danced across the porch. The Overlook faced it as it had for nearly three-quarters of a century, its darkened windows now bearded with snow, indifferent to the fact it was now cut off from the world… Inside its shell the three of them went about their early evening routine, like microbes trapped in the intestine of a monster.”

~ Stephen King

Have a great Sunday! Spring is Coming!

Mark C.

Throwback Thursday | #Throwbackthursday | Ice Storm 1994 vs 2022

I was awoken this morning early by cracking and falling trees… I hadnt heard anything like it in decades. The last time I heard that noise Jo and I were newlyweds. It was 1994… Do you remember the Ice Storm of 94’?

There was nothing subtle about the 94 Ice storm! It tore everything down in Jackson! We were without power for WEEKS!

I think this years ‘Unexpected’ Ice Storm is much more manageable, but, there is still quite a bit of damage. And many are without power… Ive got quite a bit of clean up to do as soon as this melts a bit.

Until then, I’ll try to find the beauty in the ice…

I hope your damage was light and your familys are warm and safe! 🙏🏻

Mark C.

The Cleanup Starts…

The snow has been beautiful to look at, BUT it also causes all kinds of problems… Bad roads are a given, but Big snow like we just received is extremely heavy! So heavy in fact that it can bring down roofs and even metal structures!

This greenhouse has been here for over 30 years. It has survived snows, ice storms, tornados and more! But this years BIG snow event was its end…

So now the cleanup begins! There are still 10 Koi tanks in there 😳 FULL of fish! I hope we can save them!

WOW! We got some work to do! I think we can save these fish… That’s my hope at this point.

Have a Great weekend!

Mark Carter
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Winter Waterfall Beauty | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, TN

I just LOVE my Waterfalls and my Pond! And I get to enjoy the beauty year round! All 4 seasons bring something special to my life. This bitter cold and snow is rough, in one way, but in another it brings extreme beauty to my door! It’s not safe to be out on the roads right now, but here in my Landscape… It’s all good 😊

I hope this morning finds you safe and warm! It’s very cold 🥶 out there… But seeing my ‘Winter Wonderland’ somehow makes it better… More beautiful. More bearable… And I know that this is really the foothills of the coming Spring! And I am ready!

Be careful out there!

Mark Carter
Carter’s Nursery, Pond & Patio
2846 Old Medina Rd.
Jackson, Tn. 38305
Ph.# 731-424-2206

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Important Pond Tip | Ice and SNOW are Coming! Be Ready!

Pete and Repeat… Yes, Another ICE Warning for your Ponds… There is some Bad Weather Coming. Below 0 wind chills and Several chances for BIG snow accumulations next week, and more ice to boot! Be Ready!

Brrrrr! 🥶 Baby, it’s COLD outside! I think the Pond is frozen… What do I do? As my nephew, Nick, the Eagle Scout says, “Always Be Prepared”! AND, Don’t worry, it’s not hard to be ready!

Don’t break the ice! It will harm your Koi! The powerful shock waves created by a blow to the ice can break their bones and rupture organs!

The #1 Rule if your pond ever Ices over – NEVER, NEVER, NEVER break the ice by banging on it! It can cause your fish great harm – it can even KILL them! To allow the escape/exchange of gasses in a frozen over pond, keep a hole open in the ice. This is IMPORTANT!!! It will keep the gases from building up under the ice and allow for oxygen exchange and keep your fish from suffocating. This will also allow the pump to get water if the surface is frozen. If you have a skimmer, this will be MUCH easier on you! The water movement will help keep the ice from forming. You may need to keep the hole open by adding water from a water hose, bucket or pan of water. (This is why I always say “keep a dry hose” or a 5 gallon bucket for this purpose! If & when you use your water hose be sure to drain it when finished-to keep it from freezing and bursting, or just keep it in your garage). You can also use a floating pond heater or a small pump in a shallow area to “flash up’ and break the water surface. Just do it! 

Be ready before snow and ice cause a problem!

We don’t get too many Ice Days’ here in West Tennessee, but when we do, it’s Never at a convenient moment… In other words, if your not prepared, it can be an emergency  

Simple Winter Pond Tool Kit  
1 – 5 gallon bucket 🪣 (use to add water as needed. Hot tap water from your faucet will melt a hole in ice if needed)

2 – Clean, dry Water-hose  (store in garage or shed so it will be ready to go when needed) 

3 – Floating Pond Heater (A floating heater will maintain a opening 🕳 in an ice covered pond. This will allow for oxygen exchange and will keep your Koi alive). 

That my Pond Tip today – Be Prepared! Next week, you might thank me…

And don’t worry! Spring is Coming! 

Mark Carter
Carter’s Nursery, Pond & Patio
2846 Old Medina Rd.
Jackson, Tn. 38305
Ph.# 731-424-2206

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Snow…? NO, Wait – ICE Day…

A good old fashioned ICE Storm ⛈ is what we woke to this morning! Not as bad as predicted, thank the Lord! We’ve had to endure weeks with no heat before from bad ones and let me tell you, it’s not fun! But the stone walks all are slick with ice and impassable, So is my driveway! Therefore, we were forced to close today… So, we got that goin for us 😊!

A day off in the Winter can be a fun day! Especially with a pretty snow ⛄️ BUT, Ice just shuts you down…

Snow days are always fun days! Snowballs, snowmen, sledding, 4 wheeling, snow cream, ahhhhh the good old Snow Daze!!! But an Ice Day? What do you do for fun on an Ice Day? In my humble opinion, Ice Days are the crappiest of all days off due to weather…

BUT, there are some beautiful views and pictures to be had…

A little damage, but not too bad.

I just thought of the perfect Ice Day activity…. A Big, Fat, NAP! 😴 💤

Y’all have fun 😊


“Icy rain comes with a crinkling sound 
Like little silver coins falling on grounds 
Tree limbs covered with translucent ice 
Channels of pure white gleaming calm. 

In icy storm proud oak to earth stumbles 
Aromatic bushes are much more humble 
Intact is the grace of their ice laden veins 
Bowing in reverence for mighty Rummager. 

In opaque sunlight plump scarlet berries 
And metallic ice enhanced the olive curves 
Of bent bushes like crimson cheeks and skin 
Luminous adorn a maiden’s clandestine arc.

Power outage, phone and Internet gone 
Forget about connecting to world for fun 
Ponder upon slavery of new convenience 
And think of sustaining with bare essentials. 

but who would remember the deadly storm 
In morning light the heart merrily romps 
Transient is the wondrous beauty of icicles 
Pain and glee of nature such as don’t last.”

~ Savita Tyagi

Mark Carter

Ice Storm ⛈ Prepper…

It’s the talk of the town! The stores are packed! Good luck finding fresh loaf bread 🍞 and sweet milk… Kerosene is in high demand! And there’s a line at the gas station ⛽️ Will there be an ICE STORM?!

It’s rare for a painting to capture the ‘essence’ of an event. But, I think this one does 😊 Why bread and milk you ask? 2 words – French Toast! 💥

I have lived through a few pretty good ice storms myself! The first was in the early 70’s and it shut the whole town down! Then another around 1985 – pretty bad, but power was back up in a matter of days, so not too bad. Then the big un’ in 1994! Jo and I were newly weds and I remember it well! We laid in the bed and listened to the trees breaking and falling and watched the lights go out… They didn’t come back on for over 3 weeks 😳 But, we had candles, kerosene heaters, a gas cook stove and plenty of Love ❤️ So, it wasn’t that bad 😊 But, I’m sure not hoping for a repeat!
If your a prepper, have a few essentials and be careful trying to get out in the roads until the ice melts. That’s the biggest danger most of us will face – a wreck on icy 🥶 roads…

Take care of your Koi and your other pets during times of unusual cold! Remember- Don’t break the ice on your Pond! And Bring those pets inside when it gets bad! Love your pets ❤️

Don’t break the ice! It will harm your Koi!

They are getting ready to spray salt on the roads now… Y’all be careful 🙏🏻

“The iceman was coming, t’was ice that I smelt Another ice storm, was about to be dealt More ice to be salted And more ice to melt I’m no fan of ice, and that’s how I felt.”

~ Kitty Lou

Mark Carter
Carter’s Nursery, Pond & Patio
2846 Old Medina Rd.
Jackson, Tn. 38305
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