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WHEN do I stop feeding the Hummingbirds?
September 26, 2009, 11:30 am
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I have had a dozen or more people ask me the question ‘When do I STOP feeding my Hummingbirds’ within the last few days. Thats a great question! We have all heard to take the feeders in or the Hummingbirds won’t leave in time and could die. That is actually an old wives tale, they know when to leave and they can actually survive very cold temps. But, they do move on around this time of year.  So WHEN do we take our feeders in?  The best thing to do in my opinion is observe thier habits. You will normally see a big decline in their feeding around the middle to late part of September here in Tennessee. Most of the blooming plants are on their way out and the night time temps are getting cooler by the day. It’s always sad to see them go. Times differ around the country, but here in my neck of the woods, take your feeders in around late September to early October. Some recent advice has been given to me to leave one feeder out through the Winter in case any Western species of Hummingbirds come through the area. Many different species (7 or more) have been spotted in the South in the winter months in the last few years ( Ruby Throated, Rufous, Anna’s, Calliope, Broad Tailed, Allens, Black Chinned). I am going to give it a try this year and see what happens… When you take your other feeders in, give them a thourough cleaning and put them up for next season.

 Now it’s on to FALL!

  ~ Mark Carter

5th Annual Moonlight Pond Tour
September 21, 2009, 8:40 am
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 OK folks, the time is getting near! This AWESOME Pond Tour is in less than 2 weeks now! I have put the basic info below and I hope to see you all here :

The West Tennessee Pond & Koi club and Carter’s Nursery, Pond & Patio presents the
5th. Annual Moonlight Pond Tour to Benefit the Jackson Madison County Humane Society.
This self guided Moonlight Pond Tour will feature some of the most beautiful Water Features and Landscape Lighting displays that you can imagine! You will be exposed to Custom Water Gardens, Ponds, Streams, Pondless Waterfalls and even a few Custom Fountains that are featured on this AWESOME
Moonlight Pond Tour.

Seeing these Water Features at Night, watching the Koi swim through the shimmering water and walking through these Moonlit Gardens is an Amazing experience that you will never forget!

Set your calendars and don’t miss the 5th. Annual Moonlight Pond Tour!

What : The 5th. Annual Moonlight Pond Tour. This tour is Self Guided, tour at you own pace and enjoy!

When : Saturday evening October 3rd. From 7:30pm. till 11pm.

Where : All the tour sites are in North Jackson within a short drive from the nursery. You will get to enjoy the tour without having to rush.

Why : It’s FUN, it’s AFFORDABLE and it supports the Jackson Madison County Humane Society…

HOW can I get TICKETS ??? : Come by Carter’s Nursery, Pond & Patio any day during normal business hours to get your tickets and map booklets, or call us at 731-424-2206 –  Tickets are $10 each and children 12 and under are free. Remember , ALL the money from the tour goes to help the Jackson Madison County Humane Society!

Thanks and I hope to see you here!

~ Mark Carter

Seminar: Creating A Container Water Garden
September 8, 2009, 11:16 am
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Water Gardens are HOT and one of the most popular trends going is to create your own “Container Water Garden“! They are FUN and AFFORDABLE and will fit in almost any situation. Don’t miss this AWESOME workshop. We will walk you through all the steps it takes to DESIGN and CREATE you very own Container Water Garden. Jo and Shane will lead this ‘Hands On’ workshop and it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Set your calendars and Don’t miss this EDUCATIONAL workshop! Bring the whole family! Your KIDS will LOVE this too!

WHEN – Saturday, September 26th. Class begins at 9 am.

WHERE – Carter’s Nursery, Pond & Patio,
2846 Old Medina Rd., Jackson TN. 38305.

What – You will learn how to Design and Create your own Container Water Garden! We will show you how to lay out and design a Container Water Garden that is both Beautiful and Functional. You will learn about Aquatic Plants for containers, what type of soil and gravel to use, how to make your container a working fountain and more. Aquatic Plants, pottery and every thing you may need will be available at the workshop, or feel free to bring your own container with you.

Just call the Nursery at 731-424-2206 OR E-MAIL us at . Tell us how many will be with your group and your done! Bring a folding lawn chair if you would like, it’s going to be a fun morning!

– Mark Carter