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What Do I Need To Do To My Pond In The Fall & Winter?

What do I need to do to my Pond in the Fall & Winter? I get this question a LOT at Carters Nursery Pond & Patio this time of the season. So I publish this checklist every Fall and I hope it helps you.

It’s time to cut back your Aquatic Plants! Remove all the plant debris and organic matter and compost or dispose. Excess organic matter can contribute to increased algae growth. A large amount of leaves collected in the bottom of your pond will decompose and produce tannins. This can be harmful to your fish and reduce water clarity. Leaves and falling debris can also collect in the stream & waterfalls and cause a plant dam. So keep an eye on those areas. – AND It is very important to keep your skimmer cleaned out regularly. If you have a lot of tress and don’t net your pond – you may need to check your skimmer DAILY…
Pond netting can be purchased at Carter’s Nursery Pond & Patio & can make Fall chores less problematic and easier on you during the winter. This will help make Spring Clean-Outs easier and faster too. – And DON’T forget a dipper net! ALWAYS a handy tool to have by your pond!

What do I need to do to my Pond in the Fall & Winter? I get this question a LOT at Carters Nursery Pond & Patio this time of the year! #1 Cut those aquatic plants back!

HEALTHY FISH: When water temperatures reach 55 degrees either, 1- stop feeding your fish, Or 2- start using Low Temp fish food. Quality Low Temp Koi Food is available at Carter’s Nursery Pond & Patio. When the water temperature drops to these levels, our Koi’s metabolism slows down and eating normal food can make them sick or even cause death. You should always end their feeding cycle with Low Temp Fish Food. Medicated and “regular” Fish Food should be finished by the time water temps reach 55 degrees. For an extended feeding time Low Temp can be fed as low as 45 degrees (check the label on the bag or ask a sales associate at Carters Nursery Pond & Patio about proper feeding temps.)

Keep your Koi happy and healthy over the Fall & Winter. Use Cool temp. Koi Food from Carters Nursery Pond & Patio.

COOL TEMP. WATER TREATMENTS & LOW TEMP BACTERIA treatments should be used until the water temp. reaches 32 degrees. This will keep the bacteria active in your pond and promote healthier water for your fish during a longer period of time. In Spring, as water temps return to 40 degrees you may start the bacteria again. However this will not mean you no-longer need to clean your pond in the Spring because you will still have fish waste and plant debris in your pond that needs to be removed.

Cool Temperature Water Treatments will really help your Water Quality AND they will help keep your fish healthy!


WINTER BEAUTY: Leaving your waterfall running all season will not hurt anything. As matter of fact, it could give you some beautiful photo ops. During the fall & winter birds love to come to your pond to drink fresh water, and in winter months; the running water will make some breath taking natural ice sculptures. So keep your camera handy. And get some close ups. But be sure to watch out for ice dams. These can cause your pond to lose some excessive amounts of water. If this happens add water back in to your pond with a hose to bring your water levels back up.

ICE SAFETY: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER break the ice by banging on it. It can cause your fish to go into shock! To allow the escape of poisonous gas, keep a hole open in front of the skimmer. This is IMPORTANT!!! It will keep the gases from building up under the ice and suffocating your fish. This will also allow the pump to get water if surface is frozen. Keep the hole open by use of a floating De-Icer or by adding warm water from a water hose, bucket or pan of water. (If you use your water hose be sure to drain it when finished-to keep it from freezing and bursting, or keep it in your garage).

I hope this helps 🙂 Here’s to Fall & Winter!


Mark Carter