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I post seasonal Koi information, temperatures and best practices for your Koi’s health every year about this time. Sure enough, we have made another trip around the Sun and it’s Spring time again! 😊 People are already asking “can we start feeding our Koi now”… I always tell em’ to Check your Pond thermometer & “Remember the rule of 50”! 

A simple floating Pond Thermometer is a ‘Must Have’ in a Koi Pond! Remember the rule of 50! | Carters Nursery, Pond and Patio | Jackson, TN

“I’ve been hawking my Pond Thermometer these last couple of weeks! The temperature of the water has been slowly rising as the days get longer and we approach Spring. As usual, I will start the feeding season with Cool Temp Koi Food when the water temperature has stabilized at 50 + degrees. The “rule of 50” I like to call it…

I’m always ready for Feeding Time! I love to feed my “Pond Babies”!

This is my favorite season of the year! Everything is waking up! Including my KOI! They have been VERY active! Literally begging for food 🐟 It’s so hard to wait… But, it’s part of the process & it’s so important for our finned friends health and well being.

Start your Koi by feeding a quality Cold/Cool Water Food. They are cold blooded and it’s really important to get them off to a proper start.

So, to wrap it up…

The Rule of 50 = Let the water temp stabilize for a week at 50+ degrees Fahrenheit before you start to feed your koi in the Spring. AND, when you do start back to feeding, use a quality, Cool Season Koi Food! And don’t over feed! Happier days are here again.

Happy Pondering 

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