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Water Gardeners Fall Check List
November 23, 2009, 12:15 pm
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I always have a lot of people ask me questions about the fall Water Garden, here are a few tips that will help everyone with their Fall Pond Maintenance.

Plant Debris and Leaves: Remove plant debris and other organic matter from you pond ASAP. Leaves and dead plant matter will settle to the bottom of your pond and will cause poor water clarity and many other water quality issues and can be harmful to your fish! This type of debris is also a breading ground for fungi, bacteria and parasites. If you don’t have a dipping net, get one! This will make your life so much easier.

The use of pond netting during the heavy leaf fall can also help you control this AND checking your skimmer regularly during the fall months will keep your pond in proper working order. This will also make your Spring pond cleaning MUCH easier!

Fish Health: When the water temps reach 60 to 65 degrees, it’s time to switch to Low Temp Fish Food! It’s great for their health and you can feed them for much longer into the Fall and early Winter. Check out our special Carter Country Low Temp Koi Food, it’s made specifically for Koi and decorative pond fish and you can feed them until the water temp is 45 to 50 degrees .
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This is also a great time to start using Carter Country Low Temperature Bacteria in your pond! It’s specially formulated to work in cold water and will help your Pond and Fish stay in great shape.
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Get out there and ENJOY the great Fall weather!

– Mark Carter

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