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Throwback Thursday can be a wide ranging subject. It can be something specific to you or your family, or something from old time lore. This morning I was talking with Shane about Persimmon seeds and how old folks use to predict the weather by their seed signs. My Great Grandma did this every year… maybe yours did too?

Inside the persimmon seed you will find a hint of what the weather will be like by the sign it has. This year it seems all the seeds have a spoon 🥄Which means snow ❄️ Lookout!

Sometimes you get a fork or a knife in the seed, which also tells the story of what’s to come…

Seed prognosticators go way back…

Of course there are lots of other ways to read the future of our weather… Like the severity and Length of the Summer. August plays a big role too. If you count the # of fogs in August that’s how many snows you will have in winter 🥶 PS: We had a few fogs… Hornets building low nests. And, of course, the Woolly Bear Caterpillar!

Everyone talks about the color on the Woolly Bears. The more light color bands, the milder the winter. The darker means colder… This year, most I have seen have been solid black = ❄️

So all signs are pointing to a cold winter with some snow ⛄️ We shall see, but just thinking about all the old ways and how I remember my Grandma talking about it with me, passing down the knowledge, brings a good feeling😊

This is my offering for #Throwbackthursday!


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