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Pond Tips on Tuesday | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, Tennessee

Good morning! 🌞 Its going to be another hot, sticky day in the south! 

The hot days of Summer increase evaporation in your Ponds and Pools. Don’t forget to add water!

Have you noticed that you have to add more water to your pond on Hot 🥵 Days like this? It’s purely from evaporation! Don’t forget to top off your Water Garden from time to time to keep up. 
OR, check out my little Pond Tip for this week… 

We sell and install an Auto Fill Unit for your Pond! The float on the end kicks it into action when it reaches the desired level and it fills it back up for you! Talk about Low Maintenance! 💥

We sell and Install ‘Auto Fill Valves’ specifically made for your Water Garden or Pond. They are fairly simple to install and set up and virtually invisible in your skimmer. 
Can you imagine not having to worry about adding water over the Hot Summer months? 

Boom💥 This is my offering for your Pond Tip this week 😊 To me it’s all about Low Maintenance! Less work and more enjoyment!

Enjoy the Pond Tip! And Happy Pondering 🤔 

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