Carter's Water Garden

Monday Evening Moment of Zen

I usually share a Waterfall but this runs a close second in the ability to relax and allow me to zone out and embrace nothingness…

The Gulf of Mexico with not another human being in sight 👁 Priceless!

Have a great night!

Mark Carter

Monday Morning Moment of Zen

I simply Love the sound of a Waterfall! So relaxing, so soothing… Here’s my next favorite Water sound. Even on a gloomy, stormy day it will relax your mind. Pull up a lounge chair and listen to this👇🏻

I could lay down there on a lounge chair and drift off in a moment… Zen bliss 🌊

Have a great Monday!

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Monday Morning Moment of Zen …

What a beautiful morning! The tide is going out leaving these shallow tidal pools, warm & full of life… small crabs, minnows & lots of sea shells are left behind. Not to mention the Herons…

This Heron makes a living stealing bait 😊


The sound and sight of the Gulf is my offering for today’s Moment of Zen.

Happy Pondering 🤔


Mark Carter
Carter’s Nursery, Pond & Patio
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