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Waterfall Wednesday | Waterfall Rebuild | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, TN

Here we are in June! And it’s already #waterfallwednesday 🌊 I recently went by a clients home who had built their own Pond and Waterfall many years ago. They really enjoy the outdoor lifestyle and just LOVE their Pond! ❤️ Overtime, the plants and trees have grown and pushed on the skimmer and the liner and they told me “it’s been over 15 years since we put this Pond in and it’s time for some maintenance & repairs, plus – we want a new look with the stream and waterfall”…

The hydraulic pressure that tree roots can produce is Amazing! What’s even more amazing to me is that this was installed over 15 years ago and has withstood all this pressure and hasn’t broken or leaked! We only use and sell Aquascape Filters, this is why!

After we removed the old skimmer, trimmed roots, etc… We replaced the old skimmer with a new unit and then moved on to redoing the stream and falls.

The original stream and waterfall was installed by the homeowner himself! He did a great job in my opinion! He had never done this before and it lasted over 15 years with no leaks or problems. That’s Awesome! But like many Pond Owners, after years, they are ready for a fresh look.

We brought in some larger stone, much of it was Moss stone to have that immediate effect of age and we also added lights 💥 Now they have 2 Ponds… The daytime feature that they already love and now feature #2 – the new nighttime Pond!

A shot of the redesigned waterfall and stream.
Here’s a wide angle shot. Does it look like the same stream to you?

Everyone is happy with the final results. 💥 Boom A win win! Always a great project! And Waterfall Wednesday, is always a great day!

Here’s to #waterfallwednesday !

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