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Throwback Thursday | Memories That You Can Count On! | The Smell Of Homegrown Tomato’s 🍅

Some memories are so powerful they not only touch the senses, they drive you back again and again… Yes, I’m talking some serious stuff this morning! I’m talking Tomato’s 🍅

What a gorgeous throwback picture! This one was taken around 7 years ago. Every year I try to recreate this scene…

Do you grow your own Tomato’s? If you don’t, this might not resonate with you at all… But, if you do, you know exactly what I’m talking about! There’s nothing like peak “Mater season”! When the counter is covered in them and you have jars full of Tommy toes, and every meal has a tomato component… 1 word – Heaven!

The simplicity of a tomato sandwich is very understated. White bread, mayonnaise, salt 🧂 pepper and fresh sliced homegrown tomatoes 🍅…Whew’… Give me a moment… talk amongst yourselves…

The bad part is the end of Tomato season… When you start to see the end. You know your gonna have to face a long Winter with NO fresh tomatoes… That’s when these pictures and these old memories come back to haunt you… But, right now, that’s a ways off! Right now is tomato time! 💥 My advice, get out there and make some memories!

Get all you can now! If you have too many, can em’! Because, like the man says “Winter is Coming”! 🐺

PS: IF you didn’t grow your own, there’s always next year… The next best thing is a trip to the farmers market. But do it soon! Look for older, heirloom varieties if available. My favorite slicing tomato is a Cherokee Purple. One bite and you’ll know why 😊

Here’s a little Love Song for ya’ on this #Throwbackthursday morning.

Have a great day! 😉🍅

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