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Sunday Reflection’s…

I have been on the road for the past few days doing some out of town Water Feature Design work. My travels have taken me into middle and eastern Tennessee, up into the mountains ⛰ What a beautiful state we live in ❤️ I Love TN! To top it all off, the TN VOLS 🏈 finally broke a loosing streak to Alabama and beat them at home in Knoxville! 🏈💥

Now it’s back down the mountain, across the plateau and the TN River to West Tn… and to quote the old saying “There is NO place like home!”

There is no place like home! Go VOLS!🏈

“Its great to be back 
after many places we did roam. 
no greater truth has been said, 
than..theres no place like home 

sacred sanctuary and my familiar bed, 
soft blankets and comfy pillows that  
that mould so knowingly, 
to the shape of your head. 

food cooked just like I want 
rooms set up to my taste, 
cupboards for me to rummage in 
and stack up neatly, what I purchased. 

plants to say hello to, 
flowers to greet me smilingly 
not to forget my darling doggy 
who licks me welcomes me so beguingly 

ah the pleasure and comfort of my home 
can not be compared to any other 
the feeling when you enter your home 
is like a child being embraced by its mother. 

holidays are fun and are required 
they serve to remind you well. 
after you have had fun and travelled, 
its great to be back where you dwell 

though it takes a lot of love and labour 
to make a home that that you can be proud 
theres no place like home 
I will say it again 
I will say it hearfelt and loud.”

~ Arti Chopra

Have a great Sunday!

~ Mark C.

A Quick Walkthrough of the ‘Unique Boutique’ at Carters Nursery Pond & Patio | Jackson, TN

The hardworking ladies of Carters Nursery (Ann, Nicole & Jo) have been painting, redecorating and re-merchandising or “Remerchin” as they call it 😊 around the place… In the Koi Shack… In the Pond Shack… & in the little Garden Boutique. I have been so busy that I haven’t been inside for quite a few days, all I can say is Wow! Great Job! 💥 I did a quick walkthrough video of the ‘Unique Boutique’ & I wanted to share it with you.

So here we are, getting cleaned up from the Summer and ready to head into Fall, and the Boutique is looking fresh and better than ever! Come check us out! Tell ‘em Mark sent you 😊

Mark Carter
Carter’s Nursery, Pond & Patio
2846 Old Medina Rd.
Jackson, Tn. 38305
Ph.# 731-424-2206

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Waterfall Wednesday | #Waterfallwednesday | Carters Nursery Pond & Patio | Jackson, TN

Turn around and its Waterfall Wednesday again! Which by the way is my favorite day of the week! Not only do we get to enjoy beautiful Waterfalls, its the halfway point of the week 💥 YES, thats the weekend you see in the distance ❤️ Love it!
My offering is a beautiful backyard pond with twin upper waterfalls that flow under a stone bridge before combing into a final cascade that flows into the pond below. Here are a few different prospectives to view…

A beautiful close in shot for #Waterfallwednesday.
A wider shot that shows the bridge stone and the falls as they flow into the pond.
The view from below… The Koi’s view of the world… Maybe the most beautiful view…

I sure do hope you enjoy this beautiful #Waterfallwednesday !

Happy Pondering!

Mark Carter
Carter’s Nursery, Pond & Patio
2846 Old Medina Rd.
Jackson, Tn. 38305
Ph.# 731-424-2206

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Sunday Reflections…

I don’t know what to call it, but I seem to really be suffering from… something? Seasonal Affected Disorder (S.A.D.)? cabin fever?? Spring fever??? Call it what you want, but I know the feeling well and it always follows the holidays and precedes Spring.

We have been in the house way more than normal over this Holiday Season’. Add in 2 back to back snows and beau·coup rain 🌧 and storms = Let me out of here…

But, to stay positive, I have gotten a lot done in the office! And 2022 is looking good business wise… And, we are trying to eat healthier 🍲 I recently found out that quiche ain’t all that bad!

Good news! Real men really do eat Quiche! I mean, whats not to like? It’s an egg pie with meat, cheese and onions… Quick and easy too!

Another good note – The Titans won! 🏈 #1 seed! Bye week and home-field advantage!💥 The playoffs are about to begin! I guess I can make it a few more weeks! But from here on out my call will be “Spring is Coming”!

“The sun came out,
And the snowman cried.
His tears ran down
on every side.
His tears ran down
Till the spot was cleared.
He cried so hard
That he disappeared.”

~ Margaret Hillert

Mark C.

Waterfall Wednesday | Carters Nursery Pond & Patio | Jackson, TN

It’s Waterfall Wednesday and I’ve got a full blown case of Spring Fever! So I thought I would share my sickness with you all 😊 Here’s what’s “Coming soon” to a Koi Pond near YOU!

#Waterfallwednesday is always a good day! I hope you enjoyed my little glimpse of Spring ❤️ A little taste of what’s to come…

I’ve got tha Spring Fever, and the ONLY prescription is more Waterfalls!

Here’s to Waterfall Wednesday!

Mark Carter
Carter’s Nursery, Pond & Patio
2846 Old Medina Rd.
Jackson, Tn. 38305
Ph.# 731-424-2206

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How Do I Clean My Water Garden | Koi Pond | Carters Nursery & Pond & Patio | Jackson, TN

I know Spring is upon us! I got 2 calls back to back today asking about Pond Cleaning! We are at the beginning of “Pond Cleaning Season” here at Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio! From daylight to dark for the next month or two we will be splitting Aquatic Plants, Potting Aquatic Plants, Catching & Culling Fish, Replacing Filter Pads, Draining and Rinsing Ponds, Touching up stone work and Gravel, etc. etc. One of the biggest questions I’m getting from new Pond Owners is “How do I clean my Water Garden”?

I have blogged on this subject before, but I know refreshers are helpful so here is a short list of Tools & Pond Supplies that you will need while performing your Pond/Water Garden Clean-out if you do it yourself…

1st. have ALL your tools and supplies needed on site and ready –

1. Fish Nets – Before you drain your pond for the spring clean-out, you’ll need to catch and relocate your fish. Purchasing a good quality net means doing this without injuring your fish during the catch and release.

2. Planting Pots – Spring clean-out is a great time to thin and divide plants that have grown out of bounds or crowded a pot. Make sure you have some aquatic plant pots & aquatic plant soil handy so you can re-pot and share your new plants with other water gardeners.

3. Extra Gravel – After the freeze and thaw of winter, you’ll inevitably find rocks and gravel that have shifted, exposing bare liner. With an extra bag or two of gravel, you can cover exposed liner in a jiffy.

4. Aquatic Plant Fertilizer – Take advantage of the water-free accessibility of water lilies, lotus, and other plants that may need to be fertilized, by having a container of aquatic plant fertilizer tabs on hand when you’re doing your pond clean-out.

5. Container for Plant Debris – Grab an old plastic plant pot or bucket so you can easily dispose of any debris that you gather from the pond bottom or from dead plant matter.

6. Rubber Gloves and Boots – Spring clean-outs can be cold, wet, and messy. Arming yourself with boots and gloves will go a long way toward making this chore much less unpleasant.

7. Fish Container – A large tub or tank will be needed so you can have a roomy place to keep your fish during the clean-out. Use water from the pond to fill the tank and use a small fountain pump or aerator to re-circulate  the water.

8. Net to Cover the Fish Container – Fish, especially large Koi, jump, and they may very well jump right out of the container that you have set up for them. Be sure to cover it with a net that is pulled tight across the container to prevent them from jumping 🐬

9. Pump and Discharge Pipe – To drain the water out of the pond, you will need a pump and some discharge pipe. It’s OK to use your pond pump, but even better if you have an extra pump to lessen the wear and tare on your pond pump. About 2,000 GPH, depending on the size of your pond, will do the trick.

A cleanout pump and flexible discharge hose are very important tools to have. We sell complete Clean Out Pump Kits at Carters Nursery Pond & Patio | How Do I Clean My Water Garden | Koi Pond | Carters Nursery & Pond & Patio | Jackson, TN

10. High Pressure Nozzle – Use a pressure nozzle on your garden hose to dislodge debris and algae from the rocks.

11. Pond Detox – Always detox the newly filled pond before you put the fish back in.

12. Expanding Foam – Expanding foam may need a bit of a touch up in some areas. Be prepared with a can of it just in case.

13. New Filter Mats – Filter mats should be replaced approximately every 3 years. If you think it might be time, be prepared by purchasing replacements prior to your clean-out.

14. Pruners – Part of a spring clean-out is pruning back dead plant material from the previous season. Make sure you have a good pair of pruners and/or scissors to get the job done.

15. Plastic Rake – You can rake the leaves right out of your pond with a small plastic (child’s) rake. The plastic lessens the chance of damaging the liner and the small size makes it easier to maneuver in tight spots than an adult size rake.

After the Water Feature and Filtration System is thoroughly cleaned and the Pond re-filled, turn on the pump and add detox to the water by label instructions. I like to run the pump for a little while before we start reintroducing the fish. Then start adding fresh Cold Temperature Bacteria to the Pond daily to get the system up and running right. A Good Spring Clean-out is the KEY to a GREAT season.

Start adding Cold Water Bacteria to your newly cleaned pond right away! Crystal Clear Water will be your reward. | How Do I Clean My Water Garden | Koi Pond | Carters Nursery & Pond & Patio | Jackson, TN

It’s time to get ready for Spring!

Mark Carter
Carter’s Nursery, Pond & Patio
2846 Old Medina Rd.
Jackson, Tn. 38305
Ph.# 731-424-2206

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