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Throwback Thursday | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, Tennessee

It’s #throwbackthursday! And I ain’t forgot about y’all! I was looking back at my original blog posts from when I first started blogging. I wanted to share this one as my Throwback… It was a published story from the Tennessee Gardener Magazine in 2008. It’s all about Container Water Gardening! I’m still talking and teaching about this wonderful hobby today! 13 years of blog posts later 😳

Even my dogs love ❤️ Aquatic Plants! 😂

Here’s a link to the original story that was published in the Tennessee Gardener Magazine. 👇🏻

I hope your all enjoying your day! And, I hope you enjoy this story about the hobby I love so much 😊 

Happy Throwback Thursday! 



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