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Throwback Thursday | #throwbackthursday | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, Tennessee

Its “Throwback Thursday” again and I have a good one for ya… Here’s our team of CAC’s (Certified Aquascape Contractors) that went down to Epcot and built this totally Custom Water Feature for the International Flower & Garden Festival. We were there to show the world what was possible with Water Features in your own backyard. We did this several years in a row & I think it went a long way in educating the public on what was possible and that there are Trained, Certified Professionals that can help! 

We all worked through the night for several nights to build this “One of a kind” Water Feature in Epcot. Over 1 million people saw this feature.

When you work in Disney parks, you work at night! Midnight to 8am to be exact. It’s a shock to the system, but totally worth it!

Here it is after clean up and landscaping. Quite the showstopper!

The reactions of the people who view Waterfalls are amazing! People laugh, hug, stare, cry & more. Waterfalls are unique and very special…

The International Flower 🌸 & Garden Festival is Awesome! It was an honor to go down and build Water Features with my fellow Pond Builders for so many seasons! | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio

This is my offering for #throwbackthursday!


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Football 🏈 Time in Tennessee!

Meet the Tennessee Vols 2 Oldest Fans!

“We’ve been a waiting for some time for a Championship Team to come back “Up The Hill” to Neyland! It gets in your blood & there’s just nothing like the feeling of “Football Time in Tennessee”!”

It’s been a while now since we’ve had a great team in Knoxville, TN! We just keep waiting, and waiting and, waiting…

“Well, I guess we may have to wait a little longer… But don’t give up hope yet! 0 & 1 is just a number… Like our age… 😊 Keepin’ the faith is a big part of being a ‘True Blue Fan’!”

Go VOLS! 🏈💥


Mark Carter
Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio
2846 Old Medina Rd.
Jackson, TN 38305