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Hump Day Koi Story – “Koi No Taki-Nobori” | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, TN

Many people will tell you that most everything that’s worth anything, starts with a good story! I have found this to be very true across the board. A story that hooked me many years ago is an ancient one, but still packs a wallop today! It’s the story of the Dragon Koi’!

In this story the Koi is so strong and spirited that it can swim & fight its way up through the rapids & waterfalls to become the Dragon. The Koi is a symbol of power and success!

In this ancient story a large school of golden Koi are swimming upstream in the Yellow River in China. They make it all the way to the  raging waterfalls at the top, but all the fish but one is washed back down the flow. But, the one Koi is determined to make it! He spends 100 years trying & trying to make it up the waterfalls, until one day he finally does it. The gods recognized the Koi’s perseverance & determination and as a reward turned him into a Gold Dragon, the very image of strength & power!

“Koi no taki-nobori” means “Carps Climbing the Waterfalls”. Koi have been a revered animal in China and Japan for many, many years and today are here as well.
I hope you enjoyed this little ode to the Koi today 😊 Think of the Koi as a symbol of energy, power & courage. These traits help us to overcome difficulties in life. Just sitting by the pond and feeding your Koi can bring peace and happiness into your day.
Happy Pondering! Enjoy your Koi 😊
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