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Hump Day “Koi Fix” – The Soragoi | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, Tennessee

One of the friendliest Koi in your Pond will be the Soragoi. The Soragoi are a grey or silver color combined with a subtle net pattern.

Soragoi are very docile & friendly and will be among the first koi in your pond to learn to eat from your hand.

Soragoi are very similar to Chagoi in their look and mannerisms. The two are bred together to create the Ochiba Shigure, a two colored Koi.

The Ochiba Shigure is the offspring of breeding a Chagoi and Soragoi Koi.

Soragoi means – Sky Carp.

Variations of Soragoi include the Gin Rin Soragoi and the Doitsu Soragoi.

The Soragoi may not be the most colorful or flashy fish in your Pond, but it’s probably the first one to greet you and is always great with other Koi. They can get rather large too 😊

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