Carter's Water Garden

Monday Morning Moment of Zen

This was a place of Zen for me for many many years… Sitting or laying in the shade of this old Hickory tree. It was a host to mistletoe and a home for many squirrels 🐿 including a large number of flying squirrels… And in the Fall the golden color was so beautiful…

I took this picture laying down under this old tree. I was told by many that this was the tallest Hickory tree they had ever seen… It was over 200 years old.

This 200+ year old tree is gone now 😢 But I still remember it… And I can still find a quiet peaceful place of Zen sitting under a nice tree or in the woods. Try it today and enjoy some Fall beauty ❤️

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Respectably Lazy…

Ok, I’ll admit it, I enjoy a good nap! Especially on a HOT Summer afternoon 😎 My wife asked me – What is the perfect nap 😴? Well, if I had to describe it… The perfect nap… “A Shady spot, laying in a nice hammock with the sound of a waterfall in the background and a light breeze blowing! Shang-ra-la!

Enjoying a good nap on a day off doesn’t make you lazy! I’d like to think it shows that you know how to truly enjoy the finer things! The little things that make life good 😊 Stop and smell those roses 🌹 And then, string up your Hammock & take a ‘Respectable nap’! You deserve it.

“Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.”
~ Sam Keen

Have a great weekend!


Mark Carter