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Throwback Thursday | #Throwbackthursday | Carters Nursery Pind & Patio | Jackson, TN

Here’s an Awesome Throwback from 6 years ago today! The day Scout learned to cross the Pond the fun way 🤩

She had thought about it several times after watching me do it, but on this day 6 years ago – Scout did it! 💥

Now, she runs the place… 😊

Scout ’The Pond Pup’! 🐶

Everybody Loves Scout!! ❤️ 🐶

Have an Awesome #Throwbackthursday!

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Throwback Thursday Love

I found this one and it brought back some great memories! Jo, Jacob, me and scout when she was just a pup on a boat at the river enjoying a beautiful sunset… Don’t get much better 😊

I just love #throwbackthursday!

Have a great evening!

Mark C.