Carter's Water Garden

It’s Saturday, A Great Day For A Nurseryfix! | Carters Nursery Pond & Patio | Jackson, TN

We are short staffed today, BUT, we are here to help 😊 We are open 8 till 2 to serve… YOU!

Y’all Come!

Even a misty Saturday, is a Great day!

Yes, we have bulk mulch too 😊

Have a Great Weekend!

Mark C.

Saturday Night…

Saturday nights have changed a bit over the last year… A little less exciting… A little less, well, everything. Until tonight! We finally got to make up for a couple of cancelled vacations and more. We got to go to … Paris! 💥

Paris in the daylight is a sight to behold, but Paris at night 😘 pièce de résistance!

We even got to eat the most famous of all Parisian foods… Yep, catfish!

You may not have known this, but Paris is home to the Worlds BIGGEST Fish Fry! 💥

I hope your Saturday night was as exciting as mine!

Have a great evening 😊

Mark Carter

Saturday Songs…

This year has been a doozy! On top of all the craziness we’ve had to endure, it seems like Summer is slipping away… BUT, It’s going to be a BEAUTIFUL weekend! And, it’s Saturday! What will you do tonight??? 

One of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands! 

I hope y’all have a GREAT Weekend!

Mark C.

Saturday’s Ain’t Cheap!

Most of us work for a living. Like that old song, “Working 9 to 5”… Monday thru Friday,  to make a living! In many ways Saturday and Sunday are our reward. There are only 52 Saturday’s and 52 Sunday’s in a year.. And Sunday belongs to the Lord! That makes Saturday VERY valuable! You don’t want to waste one if you can help it😊 I’ll tell ya’, Saturday is an institution around here! And, they ain’t cheap! 💥

Even the Killer’ loved him some Saturday night! 💥

I’ll keep it short and sweet this morning  – I just watched a perfect Sunrise, had a great breakfast & now I’m headed out! Planning on wrapping it up with a killer Sunset from a special spot & enjoying a cool ‘Saturday Night’! Boom 💥 Hope y’all can do the same 😊

Even Jerry Lee loves a Tennessee Saturday Night! 👇🏻


See y’all in the morning 😎


Mark C.