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Monday Morning Moment Of Zen

We don’t get a lot of snow ❄️ so when my son came in hollering “it’s snowing out there” the other night, I quickly slipped on my shoes and stepped out on the front porch  to see. It was windy & the light that shines on our flag caught my eye.

It was so beautiful watching the flag and the snow blowing in the wind in the light 🌬 I didn’t even notice how cold it was for whole minute or two 😊

The Flag blowing in the wind with the late night snow was almost hypnotic. God Bless America!

This is my offering for my Monday Morning Moment Of Zen. Have a Great Day!


Mark Carter
Carter’s Nursery, Pond & Patio
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Sunday Reflections…

I’m sitting here this morning just like many of you, smelling the bacon fry, sipping my coffee, warm and happy with all the freedom in the world…  But the age old saying rings true “Freedom is never free!”

Say “Thank you for your service” to a veteran today.

Today is Veterans Day! A day set aside every year on November 11th. to honor the service & sacrifices of American Military Veterans. We are standing on some mighty tall shoulders! Thank a Veteran today for their service! Without the sacrifices of our military men and women, we would have nothing! We owe them a mighty debt, indeed!

Happy Veterans Day! God Bless our military men & women! And God Bless America!


Mark Carter