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Everyone LOVES Christmas ❤️ Even the Pets 🐈 🐕

We had such a relaxing, pleasant Christmas Day! We watched movies with our parents, opened a few presents, ate Lunch with mom & dad & then, took a YUGE nap 😴

last years Christmas picture. We didn’t all get together as usual this year. So many now have to be careful for health reasons. But everyone was missed and loved and included in our prayers 🙏🏻

I think the pets had more fun than anyone! They all received a present 🎁 of their own and literally tore them up by supper 🎅🏻😂

Yes, they each got their own! But neither was interested in old Gumby until there was a competition involved… Then, poor old Gumby 🥺

Even the kitty came by for Christmas 🎄 She’s really an outdoor cat 🐈 and only comes in when she wants too. Usually, she only asks to come in on special occasions when there’s more than usual activity, or if it’s really cold. Even then, she hides around the edges or up high somewhere 😊

She’s so funny. She got over there ‘out of sight’ and didn’t make a sound until we started eating… Then, she demanded some Christmas Ham! She got some too 😊

I am so thankful for the blessing of Christmas!

Luke 2:4-19 tells the reason and the true Blessing of Christmas ⭐️

Now, Christmas is behind us and it’s on to the New Year! In less than a week, it’s gonna be 2021! 😳 They say ‘Hindsight is 2020’ …. I think we are all ready to put 2020 in the rear view mirror 🪞

I hope you enjoy the rest of your Christmas weekend! 🙏🏻❤️🎄

Mark Carter

Christmas Gifts for your Pets! Don’t Forget Your KOI! | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, Tennessee

I Love ALL my pets! Including my Koi! I always get my Pups a special Christmas gift – A chew bone, a sweater, snacks, a new collar, etc… But what about my Koi???

OK, our dogs Love their presents and accessories! But what about my Finned Friends? | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, Tennessee

Franswa LOVES his scarf… Can’t you tell😊

I’ve been trying to think of a few things for my “Finned Friends”…

How about a scarf or onesie for the Koi?

I’m not sure this will work… But isn’t it cute 😊

A more practical gift would be food and snacks, but they can’t eat till spring…

They can’t eat it now, but “Spring is Coming”! You could stock up to be ready | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, TN

A new “Koi Cave” would be a great Christmas gift idea!

A built in Koi Cave is functional & looks Awesome!

A custom stone Koi Cave or an easy to install Koi Castle is always a good choice! | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, Tennessee

Koi Castles are available at Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio and can be installed most anytime.

The ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS GIFT for your Koi (and YOU) would be a Bigger, Better KOI POND complete with a custom Koi Cave & Nightlights! Boom 💥

The Ultimate Christmas gift for your Koi (and YOU) would be a New, Custom Designed Pond with beautiful Waterfalls! Koi and Water Gardens go together like peas and carrots 🎅🏻 | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, Tennessee

I hope this helps! When I realized I was snubbing my Koi on Christmas, it hit me pretty hard… Never again! I’m getting something special this year for my ‘Finned Friends’ – aka: My Koi!

Merry Christmas! 🎅🏻🎄

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