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Friday Radio Report – Memorial Friday | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, TN

What a Great Show today! The vibe was cool and the callers were many! LOTS of questions today!

  • How to handle nut-grass in your lawn – Spray with selective herbicide like Manage or Image (these may be restricted use chemicals? So ask for something at your local garden center that is consumer friendly and labeled for Nutsedge ie; Nutgrass.
  • Is fish safe liner any different than normal EPDM? YES! Regular EPDM rubber is treated with chemicals that deter insects, etc. and is TOXIC to your fish! ALWAYS make sure to get “Fish Safe” liner for your Water Gardens to insure your fish’s health.
  • How to control Poison Ivy? I use Roundup! Make sure it has surfactant in it. It will really knock it down. BUT, you will probably have to spray it a few times over several weeks to insure a good kill.
  • How to get a Zoysia lawn without spending a fortune? Plugging is a cost effective way. Make sure to keep your plugs watered daily until really “nailed down” well! Then water weekly as needed for the first season. After the first year fertilize and spray well as you Zoysia spreads across your lawn.
  • Is it warm enough to spray MSMA now? Yes! AND discontinue 2-4D (it’s WAY to HOT)!
  • When is the Pond Tour? Saturday, June 23rd.!
  • When do I prune my Azaleas??? Now! Selectively Prune and fertilize! I use milorganite and Ironite and they look great!

We also talked a lot about the Memorial Day weekend. This is always the official weekend that kicks off the Summer Season! Camping, Hiking, Cookouts, Vacations, Boating, etc…! But lets remember that all this happiness and freedom that we look so forward to comes from the blood and sacrifice of soldiers who fought and died for all our freedoms! Don’t forget to thank God for their sacrifice and don’t forget to talk to our kids and teach them that ALL this freedom wasn’t free! It was purchased with the blood of all those who made the ultimate sacrifice so we could live like this in happiness and freedom.

Someone’s child, left long ago,
A strange land,
Someone’s foe.
An unmarked grave, fields of green,
Resting quiet,
Just eighteen.
Winds of freedom, wash us now,
Remember him,
This I vow
~Victor C. Kleinschmit

Thanks to Dan and Sea Bass – The “180 Crew” for a GREAT show today! And thanks to all the callers and text’ers!

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Happy Pondering!


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