Carter's Water Garden

Monday Morning Moment of Zen

This was a place of Zen for me for many many years… Sitting or laying in the shade of this old Hickory tree. It was a host to mistletoe and a home for many squirrels 🐿 including a large number of flying squirrels… And in the Fall the golden color was so beautiful…

I took this picture laying down under this old tree. I was told by many that this was the tallest Hickory tree they had ever seen… It was over 200 years old.

This 200+ year old tree is gone now 😢 But I still remember it… And I can still find a quiet peaceful place of Zen sitting under a nice tree or in the woods. Try it today and enjoy some Fall beauty ❤️

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Remembering What Once Was…

On a recent trip to the ‘Chicago Land’ area I went by one of our favorite old places with my son. We have been going up there for 20+ years for training events and for many years the dates fell on our wedding anniversary. So by accident we found this old joint and just fell in Love with it!

Capone’s Hideaway

This is the way it was at Capone’s Hideaway & Steakhouse. It goes way way back to old AL’s time in the roaring 20’s & 30’s. He literally used this as a Hideout from the law back in the day…

Jo & I looked forward to having dinner here for many years. We loved the atmosphere & the stories of its heyday when it was a ‘speakeasy’ during prohibition times. They used to make beer and liquor in a chicken coop behind the place and pipe it in through copper pipes underground… The pipes are still buried there by the way 😎

This is what the place looks like today… The building has been condemned and at this point, is just a memory.

It was very disappointing to see what has happened to this place… For several years now there have been rumors that it was being remodeled and would be open again. But, the city condemned the structure & apparently it will soon be a thing of the past. I took my son by to see what was happening to the place and as you see, nothing good😞 The only nice thing left is the view of the beautiful Fox River…

Capone’s is right on the Fox River. It’s about 40 miles outside Chicago. Imagine how far out in the country this place would have been back in the 20’s… No wonder he hid out here. It would have been impossible to find this joint.

This is just a rambling memory of a place and time that’s long gone… But still fresh in my memory 😊


Have a GREAT Tuesday!


Mark Carter
Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio
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