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Throwback Thursday | Water Lilies | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, TN

Yep, it’s #throwbackthursday once again and this memory just popped up in my Facebook feed and provided the perfect inspiration. Aquatic plants are some of my favorites! And this beauty is hard to beat ❤️
Say hello to – Nymphaea ‘Red Flare’

This night-blooming lily produces magnificent magenta red, flowers that are held high above the waters’ surface. These fragrant blooms can stand 7″ to 10″ tall 🤩 Did I mention that they also bloom at night? Yes, the blooms open in late evening and bloom all night and into the early morning. A total show stopper!

Red flair is one of the tropical lilies that I always try to procure for my own Pond. They achieve the “trifecta”… Beautiful, Fragrant and a Night Bloomer! Boom 💥

Well, that’s my offering for Throwback Thursday!

Have a great evening 😊

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