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9/11/2001… Never Forget! God Bless America 🇺🇸

A Heavy blow was struck against us all that day.

• 2,977 Americans were Murdered!

• 343 Firefighters died saving others! Many that survived are dying from cancer now at an alarming rate! Thank a Firefighter today…

We survived! We united! We rebuilt!

God Bless America! #neverforget

Its been 18 years now. My wife was pregnant with our son when it happened. He is 17 now and a senior in high school. Many in his class don’t know much of anything about what happened on 9/11! Watch the memorials with them today. Tell them what happened that day & how it made you feel! We owe it to our fallen brothers and sisters to Never Forget! #neverforget !

I still remember this like it was yesterday! My wife was pregnant at work when the towers were struck. Everyone was scared to death of what was next. So many died that day 😢 We can #neverforget

I’m going to hug my wife and my son a little harder today! We are going to talk and discuss what happened and why.

God Bless You All! & God Bless America! 🇺🇸

PS: Here’s a link to local coverage of 9/11 that morning by my old friend Bill Way. If you want a Live account of that day, listen to this…



Never Forget! #neverforget! 9/11/2001 – 2,977 Remembered!

Thinking about this hit me pretty hard today. I remember it like it was yesterday. My wife was pregnant with our son and she was working at the mall when the towers came down. She was so scared when we spoke on the phone… We all thought this could be the beginning of the end… She came home as did I. We went to the store together and got enough grocery’s for probably 2 weeks 🙂 Kroger’s was PACKED! So was the gas station! Then we came home and hunkered down not knowing what to expect…

Thank God and our Countries leaders that we made it through and past that awful day! But we can NEVER FORGET! 2,977 Americans died there that day! #neverforget

Thank God for all our firefighters that worked so hard and saved so many lives that day! So many didn’t make it… 9/11 was the single worst/deadliest day for firefighters in the history of our country! 343 firefighters died that day! While everyone was running out, they were running in and saving lives! Thank a Firefighter today!

Local radio is BIG for my family. This was great coverage of that day from a local level. LIVE radio! Here is a link to the recorded radio program from that morning by my good friend Bill Way. I will #neverforget !


Read this great poem by a girl in the 7th grade. This lets you know that our people are strong and we will make it no matter what!

We’re Still Standing

by Hannah Schoechert, 7th grade student

“Those twin towers
Standing tall with pride,
Fell with grieving hearts.
Stunned, America cried.

But we’re still standing.

Bin Laden tried
To crush our land,
But we stood our ground
With our flag in hand.

And we’re still standing.

Red for valor
And the blood that fell.
White for purity
Our heroes tell.
Blue for the justice
That will be done,
Proving once more
These colors don’t run.

And we’re still standing.”

Not only did we make it through, we came out stronger than before. God Bless America! We can Never Forget what happened that day and why! #neverforget!

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