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Good Friday. What does it mean to You?
April 19, 2019, 6:47 am
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He said “It is finished”, we didn’t understand that It had just begun. Be thankful for His sacrifice on this, Good Friday. 

Love and Peace,

Mark C.

Sunday Reflections…

All this warm weather this last week followed by this rain last night and today is going to make all these emerging plants and trees just explode with growth. I LOVE Spring 😊 Enjoy a rainy Sunday with family and friends.

Sometimes a rainy day is a sweet thing 😊

“And Spring arose on the garden fair,
Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere;
And each flower and herb on Earth’s dark breast rose from the dreams of its wintry rest.”
     ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley


Have a great day!


Mark C.

Sunday Reflections…

It’s so nice to have family staying with us for a spell. Even if they are in town for a funeral… Or should I say a “Celebration of Life”! My cousins and sister and myself spent so many good times here on the family place. We would sit up and talk, play, spend all night outside in the dark, many times getting in trouble 😇 Cousins are our first friends as children, at least that’s my experience 😊 For them, it’s coming home again. For me it’s a chance to catch up, visit & break bread together. I got up and cooked breakfast for everyone & we ate and had juice & coffee ☕️. It sure does feel good to have family!

Hey grandpa, what’s fer breakfast? Sausages with onions, fried eggs, toast with jam & save room for some country ham 😊


I remember when we were little kids and
would stay at grandma and grandpa’s
house all night.

We would get scolded when we talked in
bed until once again the room would
grow quiet.

Just when we thought we were out of
trouble, one of us would think of some-
thing funny to say. We could hear footsteps
coming down the hall, that meant that grandpa
was on his way.

Now grandma and grandpa could be quite
stern, but never could they be mean.
Mostly it was a lot of love that came
from them, that is what we had seen.

Finally we would settle down for the
night and before we knew it, it was the
next day. We weren’t so anxious to get up
because we had talked the night away.

Grandma would yell, you kids get up,
Get out of bed it’s time for you to eat.
We could already smell the biscuits,
bacon and eggs, we knew we were in for
quite a treat.

We were right because when we saw the
table set with all the goodies galore.
It only made us want to stay a grandma
and grandpa’s house more and more and

   ~ Terry Wheeler


It’s a bittersweet reunion, but you count your blessings where you can.

Rest In Peace Mark Asher! 🙏🏻


God Bless! Here’s to Sunday Mornings with Family!


Mark C.

Valentines Day is Here! ❤️ | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, Tennessee

Happy Valentines Day! To many people around the world, today is the ultimate day. A celebration of Love, Romance & Affection! Someone said “All you need is Love”…

Chocolate sales go through the roof today! Restaurants will have a great turnout all over as well with couples going out for dinner in celebration of their Love and affection for one another.

Some of my friends are naysayers… They say it’s nothing but commercialism. Well, they may be right, but, what’s the alternative? Not celebrating your love and affection for each other today? As for me, we’ve got reservations at 7 😊

This ones for my Valentine 😊 I Love you ❤️ Jo!

Happy Valentines Day to everyone!

PS: Love is celebrated all over the world today, but Valentines Day is not a public holiday anywhere in the world 🌎 Hmmm… 🤔


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Your “Hump Day” Koi Fix – WHAT Does A Koi Pond Symbolize ? | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, Tennessee

I ❤️ Koi! And of course I ❤️ Koi Ponds too 😊

Lately I’ve been studying Kanji & symbolism in Japan. Last Wednesday I wrote about how the Kanji for Koi & Love are 1 in the same… 😊 I LOVE that! Koi also symbolize several other things in Japanese culture that are worthy of note!

Swimming koi represent advancement and determination. Fish symbolize wealth & surplus!

In the Koi Pond, the synergy of the Koi & the Pond & the Waterfalls come together & Love & Friendship are manifested.

This is the Kanji for Koi as well as the Kanji for Love.

This Kanji means Friendship.


Tomorrow is Valentines Day, a day made for Love & Friendship! We could start a new tradition – Take that special someone to the Koi Pond on Valentines Day 😊 I better not get too carried away, but I thought it was a great Segway between the two…

I really enjoy learning more about the Japanese culture! And I always Love learning more about Koi & Koi Ponds 😊 I have forged many friendships around Koi Ponds! So cool! I truly ❤️ My Job!

Have a great day & enjoy your Koi!

PS: Happy Valentines Day Eve…

Happy Pondering 🤔


Mark Carter
Carter’s Nursery, Pond & Patio
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Moment of Zen…

I personally love this short video. I was the only person on the beach as far as you can see, the water was warm and the waves were gentle. What a perfect sunrise! 🌞 I hope it brings a little Zen to your Monday!

Mark C.

Happy New Year! 💥🎉 Welcome 2019!

Happy New Year! 💥🎉

Another New Year = A clean slate. A blank canvas. An open road of possibilities! I for one am excited! I hope we all make the best of 2019 and beyond.

2019 = An open road of possibilities! Let’s make the most of it. Happy New Year!

Last year I decided to set a goal, to do a daily Blog & not to miss a day… Today that goal was fulfilled 😊 It’s been a lot of work! But also a LOT of FUN! I’ve learned quite a bit about myself by committing to this daily task. This year I plan to keep on Blogging… Not every day in 2019, but weekly and more. Thank you for subscribing to my blog and reading what I posted. I watched my #’s go up & up & up all year! Hopefully it will keep growing and the inspiration will keep coming!

Commitment to a daily blog was the toughest and the most rewarding thing I did last year. Today marks the 1 year anniversary- 365 consecutive days of Blogging…

Now, I’ve got to get busy cooking! Our family always gets together on New Years Day and eats the traditional meal (Pork, greens, black eyed peas & Cornbread) – I’m in charge of the Peas & turnip greens this year 😊

I LOVE our New Years tradition of eating dinner with the family. We always have fried Hog Jowl, Black Eyed Peas, Turnip Greens & Cornbread! Plus much more … Happy New Year 🎊 


“Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each New Year find you a better man.”

~ Benjamin Franklin


Happy New Year Everyone! 💥🎉❤️

Mark Carter
Carter’s Nursery, Pond & Patio
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