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Relax Guys! There’s Still 15 Shopping Days Left Before Christmas! | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, Tennessee

Christmas shopping is HUGE! What to get for who, more, more, more, hurry up, hurry up… What’s all the panic about? There’s still a whopping 15 shopping days left before there’s a real problem. Right?

No worries for me! Guys have their traditions too… By the 23rd, 24th at the latest, I will get busy with my Christmas shopping! Until then, calm down everybody 🎅🏻

Get your list put together fellas, and remember – Walgreens is open LATE on Christmas Eve, just in case you forgot something 😎

Merry Christmas 🎄 & Ho Ho Ho 🎅🏻

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A Gift With Love And Meaning ❤️

I bet a Lot of you have watched and enjoyed the movie Lonesome Dove 🕊 It is one of my favorites of all time. I really like old Gus, he’s one of the most colorful characters in the movie for sure 😊 When they hit the trail going north, he made sure his old Livery sign went with!

One of my favorite movies 🎥My wife made this sign as a gift for me recently. I LOVE it!

Cut to reality… My wife & I recently celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary. I took her on a “Antiquing, Junking, Pickin Trip” to celebrate, which I thought was pretty good 😎 But she topped me! She prepped, painted and lettered me a replica of Gus’s old sign for my “junk wall” (don’t ask)…

Did you ever wonder what that Latin phrase at the bottom meant?

uva uvam vivendo varia fit

It literally means – a grape changes color (ripens) when it sees another grape.

I wondered on that for quite a while. I think it means that when you see another person like you, in spirit or soul – that you make each other better (ripe)… I think that’s an Awesome metaphor for a great friendship or marriage. ❤️

I guess we are just a couple of old grapes 🍇 😊


Peace, Love, Gifts with meaning & Old Grapes 🍇


Mark C.