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Friday Radio Report… | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, TN

Friday’s are always fun with the 180 Crew! Dan & Sea Bass rock!

Fall is in full swing and the leafs are at peak! If you are wanting to view the beautiful Fall color, NOW is the time!

Fall color is here today, gone tomorrow… Get out and see it now 😊

This is also the PERFECT time of year to plant! Trees, shrubs & Spring Flowering Bulbs like daffodils, crocus & tulips 🌷

We had so many texts and calls today about the perfect trees to plant for Fall color! Here’s a short list of great trees that will give you incredible seasonal interest –

  •  Red Maples
  • Sugar Maples
  • Balled Cypress
  • Dogwoods
  • Sassafrass
  • Ginko
  • Crepe Myrtle
  • Black Gum
  • White Oak
  • Sourwood

– Lori Nunnery was in studio to talk about things to do this weekend – There are LOTS to do in Jackson, TN this weekend!

  • 33 live music events this weekend in Jackson, Tn.
  • Christmas kick off open houses this weekend! 
  • Veterans Day parade next Saturday! Nov. 9-10th. Liberty st. Will be a great place to be. 
  • Download app. Visitjacksontn. Apple and android! LOTS of info there.  
  • Rodney Carrington show was last night. 
  • Jackson is HOT! folks

Leaves are coming down! Get your mulching blades on your mower ready!

The mulching blades have numerous teeth across the top side of the blade so as the grass is cut, the top of the mower blade then shreds the clippings vs standard mower blades which are designed to push the clippings outward into a collection bag.                                                  We are going to extend “Fishy Friday’s” the month of November!



For the next few weeks every Friday is a “Fishy Friday”! That means all of the fish you purchase are at a 20% discount! TGIFF! | Carter’s Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, TN

Thanks for all the calls and texts! Have a GREAT weekend!


I’m on with the 180 Crew – Dan Reaves & Sea Bass- every Friday from 9-11am Call in with ALL your gardening and Outdoor Lifestyle questions at 731-423-8101.
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Mark Carter
Carter’s Nursery, Pond & Patio
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Fall Is a Great Time To Work On Your Outdoor Spaces| Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, TN

Fall is the perfect time to improve on your Outdoor Living Areas. Patios, Firepits, Waterfalls, Pergolas, Lighting etc… Designing and Building the backyard paradise of your dreams is what we do 😉

We have a couple of spots left on our schedule for the Fall season. Call now to get your project designed and installed by years end!

PS: Your gonna Love ❤️ it!

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Video Introduction of Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio by Mark Carter & Friends | Jackson, Tennessee

A quick intro of Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio & a few testimonials from some very happy clients 😊

Thanks for watching our little intro video. Please give me a call if I can assist you in any way! And please share our blog with your friends 😊

Happy Pondering!

Mark Carter
Carter’s Nursery, Pond & Patio
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Spring is coming!

Time flies by, and sometimes we don’t realize how quickly the seasons are approaching. This is my friendly reminder that the snow is melting & soon it will be Springtime in Tennessee! Every year I have people that “meant to call earlier” but put it off until April when we are in full swing and already weeks behind in our construction schedule… SO, this BLOG is for you 🙂

Ready or not – Spring is Coming! Be ready by starting now on your design and get on the list. Have your project complete before Spring has sprung 🙂 Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, TN 731-424-2206

Our way of doing things is easy. Just give me a call at Carters Nursery (731-424-2206) or contact me online ( we will discuss your wants and needs and then set a time to get together to talk about your project on site and in person. We will develop designs and ideas, including costs and timing of your project, then we will build and/or install your new design!

Spring is Coming! Be ready! Give us a call Today!

Mark Carter
Carter’s Nursery, Pond & Patio
2846 Old Medina Rd.
Jackson, Tn. 38305
Ph# 731-424-2206


When should I start planning my Spring Landscaping Project? | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, TN

Question : When should I start planning my Spring Landscaping Project?

Great question!

Answer : Right Away! The sooner the better! There is NO time like the present! Etc…

I literally just spoke with a nice lady on the phone about her dream landscape and water garden design. After we talked for a little while about her project she asked “When should we get together, April”? I said, how about next week? You can never start designing to early, and you will be first on the schedule when the weather breaks! “Wonderful” she replied!

The problem is, most people don’t call until Spring has already sprung… The trees are blooming, the birds are singing, and Excitement is in the air 🙂 Which is fine, but then you are on a schedule list that may be fairly long. Most of the time by April the 1st. we are already booked into late Spring to early Summer… To many people, that’s confusing. They ask – Why so long? Can’t you start next week? 😉 Believe me, I want to get to your project as soon as possible! BUT, the time to prepare for Spring is now – our Spring starts in February as soon as the ground is workable.

I hope this helps y’all get ahead of the “Spring rush”. Knowing is half the battle 🙂

Mark Carter
Carter’s Nursery, Pond & Patio
2846 Old Medina Rd.
Jackson, Tn. 38305
Ph# 731-424-2206

Plant bulbs in Fall for Spring beauty! Carters Nursery | Jackson , Tn.
November 7, 2015, 3:17 pm
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Do you love to see those yellow “Buttercups” (daffodils) that come up early and bring in the Spring season. I still have some daffodils, crocus and grape hyacinths that my grandma planted and it really feels good to see them blooming every Spring! I was asked a question the other day about when and how to plant some Spring Flowering Bulbs while I was on the radio with Bill Way. It was toward the end of the show and we didn’t have a lot of time to go into any detail, so here is a better explanation…

Spring Flowering Bulbs must be planted in the Fall.

Spring Flowering Bulbs must be planted in the Fall.

The most popular Spring flowering bulbs are daffodils, tulips, crocus and hyacinths. They are the easiest to grow and find, and the least expensive to buy. You can find them at many Local Nurseries and Garden Centers this time of year (Fall). Here are a few more to check out : alliums, anemones, aconites, dog-tooth violets, fritillaries, grape hyacinths, reticulated iris, glory-of-the-snow, snowdrops, snowflakes, star of Bethlehem.

The best time to plant your bulbs is coming up right now ( In the Fall between Thanksgiving and Christmas), at least it is here in West Tennessee. The bulbs need a lot of cold temp. time to really bloom well, so get them in asap…

Buttercups (Daffodils)  come back year after year! These were planted by my grandmother.

Buttercups (Daffodils) come back year after year! These were planted by my grandmother.

First things first… Like I always say, Come up with a Design Idea! Where are you going to plant these bulbs? How many will you need? Are you going to over plant your new bed with annuals like pansy’s or violas? Get out the pencil and paper and come up with a basic design…Once you have a general idea that you like, get your supplies together and get started!

Make sure too …

#1 – Get good quality, firm, heavy bulbs. NO soft, moldy or stunted ones! The bigger the better.

#2 – Get soil amendments to prepare your holes or beds. Organic is the way to go in my opinion! Blood Meal, Bone meal, Compost and chicken manure have always worked well for me. Work the soil well and as deeply as possible; rich soil and good drainage are key. If its heavy clay, work in some sand to improve drainage.

#3 – Plant you bulbs! Most bulbs get planted 2 to 3 times their diameter in depth except for the smaller ones (less that 1 1/2″), plant them 3 to 4 times their dia. deep. REMEMBER – The point goes up! You can use a bulb planter or garden trowel to install them one at a time or you can excavate an area to the proper depth and do a mass planting of your bulbs and back fill with the soil once they are all put into place. I love the effect that a big mass planting of spring color can make! Even a dozen bulbs around the mailbox can make Spring seem more abundant.

After you get them installed remember to mulch! The mulch will help hold moisture, detour weeds, stabilize the ground temperature and it looks great.

I hope this helps and I hope you plant a bunch of beautiful Spring Flowering Bulbs!

– Mark Carter

Landscape Design Ideas
December 13, 2008, 10:19 am
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Landscape Design Ideas     By: Mark Carter

A client recently asked me : HOW can you live in a tight , ‘zero lot line’ neighborhood and still create some private outdoor living/garden space ? That’s a great question and one that requires some thought and planning .

There are many advantages to living on a small lot ; Less maintenance and upkeep are at the top of the list . BUT , the big drawback is space . Many of the new homes that I see today are almost as big as the lot that they are built on , with only 8 to 12 feet between structures . Even so , we ALL want and need a place to go outside those walls . A place to talk and visit with family and friends or a place to just sit quietly and ponder .

What Do YOU Want

This is an important question that you should ask yourself : What do you want to do ‘Out There’?….. Dine with guests , read a good book , bar-b-cue or feed your fish in the Koi Pond ?
Do you want a privacy screen from the neighbors , a rose trellis or an arbor , a deck or patio , a dog run ? The list of possibilities is endless , but sometimes the space that you have to work with is not .

I also see a lot of small ‘trouble’ areas or out of the way areas in the landscape that people have never been happy with ….. That front or side entryway that needs ‘Something’ , that small patio off the master bedroom that you never use or that back door that leads to nothing . . Sometimes these small areas hold GREAT promise.

The biggie to me is to create a Landscape Design that you LOVE before you start to do anything ; It will save time , trouble and money in the long run .

Creating a Design

Coming up with a new concept or creating a new Landscape Design can sometimes seem challenging , but it usually seems harder that it really is . My advice is to keep it simple …..

*Start with a list of wants and needs ( Examples – a small patio out back with a table and chairs for dinning , a fountain or pondless waterfall for a soothing sound , a privacy fence or plant screen , a kennel and dog run for the pets , etc…).

*Gather some ‘Idea’ pictures from magazines , the internet or from a recent home , garden or pond tour . They can really help you form a mental picture of what you want .

*Then the fun starts ; Get some paper , a pencil and a good measuring tape and measure/sketch out the home on the paper . Seeing your home and property on paper will really help you to understand the space that you really have to work with .

*Then try ‘plugging in’ your wish list of features . You will probably have to make a change or two, but you will be surprised how much you can achieve by using these simple methods of design.

Bigger Ain’t Always Better .

Many times bigger is just more and more isn’t necessarily any better! Many of these spaces that you have are tight fits , BUT , with a good Design they can turn out AWESOME ! If all the bases are covered and the finished product is functional , has a nice aesthetic feel and a good ‘flow’ throughout the available space you can create an outdoor area that can rival any ‘big’ Landscape .

Many of you have had the ‘Big Lawn’ and the ‘High Maintenance Landscape’ before and for whatever reason you want to enjoy life a little more and work in the yard a little less .

So remember these tips and no matter what you do ;

* Do your homework !

* Get a Landscape Design you love before moving forward !

* AND – Get outside and enjoy life’s abundance !