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The Growing Popularity of Outdoor Living! Revisited! | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, TN

I penned this one several years ago but it still gets read and brought up to me. This one was published in Tennessee Gardener & I have had many Master Gardeners bring the article to shows and events over the years. It’s still very relevant today so I wanted to re-blog it 😊 I don’t have all the original pictures that were published with the story anymore. Let me know what you think. It’s all about Ourdoor Living!

Outdoor Lifestyle Areas allow you to really enjoy the backyard. A Pond, Patio, grill and garden area to get comfy is the Ultimate! This is one of my Outdoor Room displays at Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, Tn. 38305

Living The Life Abundant

I see more and more people staying home these days… myself included. Instead of taking that trip to Spain, France or even Disney World, more and more of us are staying local and putting our time and money into our Homes & BACKYARDS! This is a huge trend across the country and it has been growing by leaps and bounds since 9/11. The trend has a name too, they call it “Cocooning ”.

It makes good sense to me! Instead of spending your vacation running around the country, spending all the money you saved, just to get back home more exhausted than before you left; Why not put your time and money into your home and backyard and enjoy it year round with your family and friends… Watergarden’s, Koi Ponds, Swimming Pools, Backyard Patios and Decks, Outdoor Kitchens with Herb Gardens and Pottery overflowing with Vegetables and Flowers 🤗 Sound good? That sounds like the ‘Life Abundant’ to me !

Lakeside Living at its Best

One of my clients recently decided to sell his beautiful home and build a new home in a local, private lakeside development. After I saw the lot I was as excited as he and his wife were! Living on the water is a wonderful thing! I was asked to work up a ‘simple’ backyard plan that would include a swimming pool with natural stone waterfalls, a watergarden with aquatic plants and fish, a stone patio with lots of space and a fishing area down by the lake. In other words, a resort right there in their own backyard. “Cocooning 101 ”!

We went to work right away and developed a ‘Concept Design’ for the back yard. With only a few minor changes we were ready to get started creating their new ‘Back yard Resort’. It was a fairly large scale job and the actual work took approximately 1 month to complete. We used specimen quality stone and nice mature plant material on this project so the first full season for this landscape looked like it had been there for quite awhile. Let me tell you folks… It changed their lives for the good!

This is a Google Earth image of the project that this story was written about over 10 years ago. Complete with a huge stone patio, large Koi Pond bordering/between the upper patio & the Pool deck/patio. An in-ground pool with a beautiful waterfall and jump rock & gorgeous landscaping right on the side of the lake. | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, Tennessee

Just Do It

Whether you live on a lake or on any average city street, you too can create a Backyard Haven that you will love coming home to each and every day. It all starts with a basic Landscape Plan; Sit down with pen and paper and do a basic sketch, OR call me, I can help!  Include a place to sit within the garden, a deck or patio, be sure to include a Fountain or Watergarden, definitely  some beautiful Shrubs and Flowers, maybe some basic Vegetables and Herbs in the Landscape or in a container like Tomato’s or Basil and Cilantro. Before you know it, you will be eating dinner out there every night. Your Lifestyle will change for the better – and you my friends will be living the ‘Life Abundant’ !

Thanks & Merry Christmas! 🎄🎅🏻❤️

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Large Waterfalls are AWESOME! | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, TN

We used large mossy boulders and creek stone to construct this ‘Naturalistic’ Water Feature. We were striving to look as “Natural” as possible, so we used specimen quality boulders & cedar driftwood & stumps to help achieve our goal. We didn’t want the stone work to look “Done” or man made in any way & I really think we achieved what we were looking for. Luckily for us, so did our clients 😊 I wanted to share this today & I hope y’all enjoy. I always appreciate a little feedback, so let me know what you think.


Thanks! AND… Happy Pondering! 🙂


Mark Carter
Carter’s Nursery, Pond & Patio
2846 Old Medina Rd.
Jackson, Tn. 38305
Ph# 731-424-2206

Help for your Lake, Pond and Water Garden!
February 13, 2015, 4:34 pm
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We have many customers who have a Farm Pond, Lake or Retention Pond as well as a backyard Water Garden. I have been limited on the products that we carry to help with larger bodies of water like Lakes or Farm/Retention Ponds until now. By popular demand from our customers we are now carrying a complete line of Lake and Pond management Water Treatments & Sub-surface Aeration systems! These treatments are easy to apply and work great and the Aeration systems are high quality and install so easily.

Why Proactive care is the new standard in pond management

The old way
For years, the accepted method of pond management was to wait for a problem, like an algae bloom or excessive aquatic weed growth and then “react to it” with a chemical application. Although this is effective at providing a quick fix, it does not address the actual problem. In many cases, this reactive approach is catching up with pond owners. Those that have been practicing this form of management are finding it more and more difficult to control unwanted weeds and algae. Chemicals are a great tool but not the complete toolbox.

Why is the old way outdated?
Over the years, each time you applied chemicals; weeds and algae were killed off and left to rot on the pond’s bottom. This is equivalent to adding fertilizer to your pond. When weeds and algae die, they immediately start to biodegrade. During this process, the dead organic matter is converted into rich organic muck. Although this would be great for a garden, it has a very negative effect on a pond. The nutrients found in this muck greatly contribute to future weed and algae problems.

The NEW way
There’s a better way to prevent these nutrient buildups from occurring in your pond. We call it PROACTIVE Care involving these tools:

Sub-surface aeration: By aerating your pond from the bottom up, using Airmax® Aeration Systems, you’ll circulate incredible amounts of water, drastically increasing the dissolved oxygen levels in your water column, which in turn will allow for increased levels of beneficial bacteria to accumulate in your pond.

Bacteria augmentation: Naturally occurring beneficial bacteria begin to colonize in most natural ponds when water temperatures reach approximately 50 degrees Fahrenheit. During early stages of a pond’s life cycle this may be enough to maintain a healthy ecosystem although as a pond gets older, especially when chemical applications are needed, it is necessary to start thinking proactively to subsidize Mother Nature’s efforts.

The PROACTIVE Care solution? Add Pond Logic® PondClear™ and MuckAway™ natural bacteria to radically increase your bacteria count. The billions of PondClear™ specialized microbes will compete for the nutrients in your water column while the MuckAway™ sinking pellets send billions of microbes to the bottom of your pond, working quickly to eliminate up to 5” of muck each season, as well as prevent future build up.

Pond Shading: Excessive sunlight can have a negative effect on water quality. Adding one of the Pond Logic® Pond Dyes will beautify your pond and provide a natural shade while improving water quality.

By exercising PROACTIVE Care (Sub-surface Aeration, Bacteria Augmentation and Pond Shading), you’ll be aggressively addressing the root of the problem – excess nutrients and sunlight. Give PROACTIVE Care a try… you have nothing to lose – other than nutrients and muck! We GURANTEE you will be happier with the results!

Natural Bacteria Treatments
With the use of Natural Bacteria and/or Pond Dyes, you can get to the source of common pond problems; excessive nutrients in the water column and the muck at the bottom of the pond. By being proactive and providing microbial competition for the nutrients, you can make maintain a healthy pond for all, including the fish, to enjoy.

Chemical Treatments
Chemical Treatments are sometimes necessary as a management tool. The more mature a pond is, the more you have to deal with aquatic weeds and algae. They not only can be annoying, but they can choke the life out of any delicate ecosystem if proper action isn’t taken.

Aquatic Weed Control
Successful aquatic weed control starts with proper identification. The more mature a pond is, the more you have to deal with aquatic weeds and algae. They not only can be annoying, but they can choke the life out of any delicate ecosystem if proper action isn’t taken.

– Identify
Identification is the absolute key to success in controlling aquatic weeds and algae. We’ve had many cases when Chara, which is a form of algae, was mistaken for a pond weed. Many people confuse duckweed and watermeal with floating algae. Both look like floating mats on the pond’s surface, but they are treated very differently. If you are ever in doubt about the type(s) of aquatic weeds or algae you have present in your pond, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us at 731-424-2206. We are here for your support, and will help you to identify your weeds and give you a solution.
– Eradicate
Once we’ve identified the aquatic weed(s) or algae it’s time to find a solution to get rid of the problem. Carters Nursery carries a wide array of chemicals for controlling your aquatic nuisance species.
– Enjoy
A pond that is clean, clear, and healthy is an excellent place to relax by, swim in, and fish. The whole family can get involved in learning about aquatic ecosystems in this great outdoor classroom. All it takes is to Identify, Eradicate & Enjoy.

Sub-surface Aeration

We have professional quality aeration systems specifically designed for ALL Lakes & Ponds! From shallow water ponds to larger, deeper water lakes we got you covered. Our powerful aeration systems are the quietest, most efficient & easiest to install available on the market period! You will notice the improvement in water quality almost immediately.

Water Garden Water Treatments

We still have the largest selection of Koi Pond & Water Garden Supplies available in the area. We proudly stock the best of the best in water treatments featuring a full line of Aquascape products!

Come on by the showroom and check out our displays or give us a call with your questions. It’s time to get control of that problem Pond or Lake now! Call 731-424-2206.

~ Mark Carter