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Hump Day Koi Fix | Koi Deco | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, Tennessee

I don’t know about you, but I’m kinda Koi obsessed… I Design and Build Water Gardens & Koi Ponds for a living & I have several Koi Pond/Water Gardens of my own. I also raise and retail Koi & I have many Koi that I have been raising for years each with an individual name 😊 Beloved Pets every one! I write a weekly Blog about Koi every Wednesday, Hello! I even have Koi art and accessories all over my home and office! Koi are a big part of my life! In many ways Koi are my Life, and Life is GOOD! 😊

Koi Lanterns to “set the mood”…

Koi Fans as hanging art.

3-D Fish swimming out of the walls 😊

I Love ❤️ my old Fisherman. He’s sitting by the edge of the Pond on a boulder & the Koi swim around him.

We even have a Koi Sink with a bamboo faucet … 😎

Now you know my awful secret… I’m, Koi CRAZY 😜 😂

But seriously, I just love to bring my love of the Garden & Pond into our home. Decorative art pieces, ceramics, oven mitts, trivets, coffee mugs, plants, etc,etc… All little reminders to go out and have a cup of tea and feed my Koi. Try some in your home and you’ll know what I mean 😊 It’s all designed to draw me outside to my place of Zen – My Pond! Are you excited? Did all this Koi Love satisfy your Jones? 😊 Say it with me – I ❤️ Koi!

Enjoy your day! & Enjoy your Koi!

~ Happy Pondering 🤔


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