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Hump Day Koi Fix | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, TN

Lets look at a familiar looking Koi. No it’s NOT a Kohaku, but the best examples have a nice Kohaku pattern and very white skin. They are even judged in competition like a Kohaku… But this Koi is called ‘Kikusui’.

Although technically they are the Doitsu version of a Hariwake, a scaleless white koi with patterns of orange or yellow, they are commonly referred to as Kikusui. The bright, metallic colors of Hariwake are also present in Kikusui.

The only variation of this Koi is the Tancho Kikusui. They are a scaleless version of a Hariwake.

They are bred by using a Kohaku and a Platinum Ogon – their offspring will be Hariwake. Then you breed the Hariwake with a scaless carp/mirror carp and end up with the Kikusui.

There’s a little info on another variety of Koi! I LOVE talking about Koi and learning more about them. I hope you enjoy your Koi as much as I do mine!

Happy Pondering!


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