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Monday Morning Moment Of Zen

Feeding my Koi everyday is a big part of my Zen! It’s become a ritual and it really helps keep me centered. I also LOVE turtles! So when I visit Aqualand each year for our yearly certification training, their Indoor Turtle Pond is one of my favorite things to visit! I took my son Jacob with me this year and he fell in love with the turtles (of course) & now wants an indoor turtle pond of his own 😊 Jacob has pet turtles 🐢 and has his whole life. His turtles are outdoor and spend the winter buried up Hibernating. We will look into the idea of an Indoor Pond and see what happens 😊

Have you ever fed a turtle by hand? They love veggies, insects, worms & these Koi snacks too 😊

Check out this short video of Jacob feeding the turtles in the Indoor Turtle Pond.

I hope this short video of Jacob hand feeding the Turtle brought a smile to your face & maybe a little Zen too…


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The Tennessee Aquarium, Old Friends, Good times!

Today Jo & I met up with some old friends and went on a tour of the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga. All of us are fish nuts so this was a treat! We are on the last leg of our “Anniversary Trip” & this was a LOT of fun!

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

PS: For a little added fun, play the music video and then view the pictures while it plays 😂

Great Day at the Tennessee Aquarium!

~ Mark C.