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Sunday Reflections…

Last night was Cold 🥶 42 degrees with a brisk northerly wind 🌬 It sure didn’t feel like the official entry to Summer… But, this morning, the brilliant Sunrise helped mediate that feeling. Tomorrow is Memorial Day, a day to honor and remember all the men and women who gave all for this country. Maybe this unusual cold is a reminder of that? We were all huddled by the fire 🔥 last night. How many soldiers huddled by fires, dreaming of home, family and cool Summer nights that never returned… I can stand a cool night by a fire just fine when I think about that… God Bless America 🇺🇸

Sunrise is always a welcome thing 🌞

“Somewhere out there today,
In a land far, far away,
A soldier rides patrol,
Knowing not what may unfold.

He keeps watch as he rides
Over dangerous countryside.
Roadside bomb could be hit.
Scary, but this soldier doesn’t quit.

Think about Mom and Dad,
About the good times had,
State-side, how long here?
Back to watching, a little fear.

This was a good day
To think and to pray.
Strange that prayer is so right
When there could be a fire fight.

Wheel back into base.
Tomorrow, another ride to face.
Convoys done for the day.
Looks like rain’s on its way.

Nerve wracking job but boring too,
But that’s what soldiers do.
So many over here, none alike,
Who have gladly joined this fight.

Freedom has a high cost.
Lives given, the ultimate loss.
That cost they willingly give
So freedom can continue to live.

So, we remember today
All those who went away-
And gave their lives that we
Might live here and stay free.

God Bless America!”

~ Dr. Bill McDonald

Happy Memorial Day 🇺🇸

Mark C.

Carters Nursery Is Closed In Observance Of Memorial Day

I have received a few calls and messages asking if we are open today, we are not… We are closed today and Monday for Memorial Day. Have a great weekend! And remember, This weekend we honor the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. “All gave some. Some gave all”.

Someone’s child, left long ago,
A strange land,
Someone’s foe.
An unmarked grave, fields of green,
Resting quiet,
Just eighteen.
Winds of freedom, wash us now,
Remember him,
This I vow

~ Victor C. Kleinschmit

Have a safe and Happy holiday!

God Bless America 🇺🇸

Mark Carter

Throwback Thursday | #Throwbackthursday | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, TN

It’s #Throwbackthursday again & today I want  to mention one of my childhood hero’s – my Grandfather! He was a local butcher (Piggly Wiggly), a farmer & a very good gardener! I learned much of what I do today working with him in the gardens and in the field. He was also a decorated war hero, but he never talked about it much until I was older and even then I had to drag stories and info out of him. He was truly one of the “Greatest Generation”!

Patches, pins & medals from my Grandfathers military unit. His unit was instrumental in WW2 & saw action all over Europe. He was definitely part of the “Greatest Generation”!

Here’s one of the only pictures I have of him with his full unit. He was standing (A team) & this was right before they deployed to Europe.

There’s my grandad with his hand on his rifle strap. He was in the thick of things from D-Day & the Battle of the Bulge through till the end of the war. Then he came home and spent a peaceful life farming and cutting meat.

So here’s to F.D. Brinkley! ❤️ Love and miss ya’! #Throwbackthursday


Mark Carter