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Sunday Reflection’s…

I’ve been up since early morning, doing a few things in my garden. Finally getting my tomatoes 🍅 squared away 👏🏻 It was a test… I almost always get my ‘maters’ out by April 15th… But this years weather had other plans 😊 Late frosts, wind and storms, unseasonably cool nights well into late April, early May drove my decision to wait. PS: I’m glad I did.

In fact, I know several old gardeners who always wait until Mothers Day to plant their tomatoes 🍅 and peppers 🌶 🫑 and almost always have show stopping gardens with HUGE yields. “It’s all about soil temperature and warming nights”… I’ve learned that this age old wisdom holds true almost every time. Everything revolves around proper timing…

Have you planted any tomatoes yet 🍅 Today is the day for me! I have good plants over a foot tall ready! This is my favorite variety, Cherokee Purple. It’s an old ‘heirloom’ variety that was passed down from American Indians over 100 years ago. Soooo Good! 😋 But don’t put all your eggs in 1 basket 🧺 Diversify by planting some hybrid varieties as well like Jet Star and Better Boy.

“Whoever makes a garden. Has never worked alone;
the rain has always found it, The sun has always known;
The wind has blown across it. And helped to scatter seeds;
Whoever makes a garden. Has all the help he needs.

Whoever makes a garden. Should surely not complain,
With someone like the sunshine.And someone like the rain
And someone like the breezes.To aid him in his toil
And someone like the Father. Who gave the garden soil.

Whoever makes a garden, has, oh, so many friends;
The glory of the morning, the dew when daylight ends.
For rain and wind and sunshine, and dew and fertile sod;
And he who makes a garden, works hand and hand with God.”

~ Douglas Malloch

Have a great Sunday!

PS: 1 week from today is Mothers Day! ❤️

~ Mark C.

T is for Tomato 🍅 | Carters Nursery Pond & Patio | Jackson, TN

Do you grow your own Tomatoes? If you do, you know the joys, rewards, and discomforts (work) of growing them. If you don’t grow your own tomatoes, well, it’s not to late to make something of your life…

Breakfast tomatoes, lunch tomatoes and guess whats for dinner 😊🍅

I have grown so many different varieties over the years… Jet Star and Better Boy’s are always a safe bet with their hybrid vigor and disease resistance! Great for canning and preserving for Winter too! But, when it comes to a good slicing tomato or a delicious Tomato Sandwich, give me a Cherokee Purple!

Breakfast! Fried eggs, biscuit and gravy and sliced Cherokee Purple Tomatoes! yum!
Cherokee Purple Tomatoes are unique in appearance and Incredible in Taste!

Guy Clark said it best! Theres 2 things that money CAN’T buy – True Love! and Homegrown Tomatoes!

PS: When your ready to get started on your ’Better Life’ by growing your own tomatoes, I’ll be here to help 😉

Have a great evening!

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