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Friday Radio Report | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, TN

GREAT show today with Dan & Sea Bass – “The 180 Crew”! But I almost had to take a boat! Rain Rain! WOW!

We got LOTS of calls today! We talked about everything from –

  • The days are getting LONGER as we approach the Summer Solstice (the longest day of the year)!
  • How can I grow a Lemon Tree? Go with a Meyers Lemon, use a quality, well drained potting mix and fertilize with a citrus fertilizer (it will have need trace elements and micro nutrients). Place where it will get plenty of sun and bring it in before frost this Fall!
  • How to trellis grapes – more info on an upcoming blog!
  • HOW to fix green water in my pond. In this case I think it’s lack of biological filtration. The caller is coming in to the nursery and we will help them find a balance.
  • We talked a lot about Rock – N – Dough’s Brunch – & the main questions was – “To brunch or not to brunch”? 🙂
  • Can I use MSMA for my lawn weeds now? YES!
  • When is the Parade of Ponds? Saturday, June 23rd.! 9am – 4pm. THEN we have an after party at the nursery from 8-10PM (The Moonlight Luau)!


I hope y’all enjoyed the show! I know I had fun as always!


I’m on with the 180 Crew – Dan Reaves & Sea Bass- every Friday from 10-11am Call in with ALL your gardening and Outdoor Lifestyle questions at 731-423-8101.
OR you can TEXT us at 731-277-5155. Listen LIVE at 101.5 WNWS – FM Talk Radio – on your smart phone using your TuneIn app.!


Have a GREAT weekend! AND – Happy Pondering!


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How to get rid of String Algae in your Pond | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, TN

We are approaching the time of year when I usually start getting calls about string algae… As a matter of fact, I have had a few already this year. We have had a bad winter in Tennessee – several snows, extended freezing weather, LOTS of rain, etc… So there are definitely excessive nutrients in our ponds that are feeding this String Algae growth. AND as we warm up and the sun returns, there is always a short time window where the water is warm enough to support the algae growth, but the aquatic plants and biological filters are lagging behind because of the water temperature… So, what can I do?

The #1 thing to know is that the string algae looks bad, but its not really harmful. I’m going to outline a few things that will help reduce and eliminate the string algae in your pond.

  • The most effective way to make your pond look better NOW is to physically remove the string algae! That’s right, actually reach in and grab it and pull it out. You can throw it into your compost pile or just do away with it. You can use a stick to twirl it around or a small plastic rake makes a great tool to grab it too.
  • We carry specific Water Treatments to treat String Algae with at Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio at our retail store – one of the best is called String Algae Buster or SAB.

    Cool Temperature Water Treatments will really help your Water Quality AND they will help keep your fish healthy!

  • Your water could be out of balance and have a high PH? High PH feeds string algae and is many times easy to correct. Start by physical removal of the algae bloom, clean out dead plant material and leaves, etc. Also – do you have any stone or rocks in your pond that could raise the PH? Like limestone… Probably the #1 no,no when it comes to stone in your pond. Also – is there any runoff going into your pond? That will wreck havoc with your ecosystem and should be corrected right away. Watch your lawn fertilizers too – if your getting fertilizer in your system you’ve got problems.
  • Proper Aquatic Plantings are a big deal too! Do you need to add some plants? Marginals or lilies really help to naturalize and buffer your ecosystem! Sometimes its as easy as adding a few Aquatic Plants.

    Adding Aquatic Plants makes your pond more beautiful and it really helps water quality.

  • Proper Filtration? Do you have a biological filter? Is it large enough for your system? You may need some help to figure this out, but its a game changer when you get it right!

IF you want to just do away with String Algae all together there is a fairly new product on the market that will do just that! It ionizes copper at a low level and stops string algae in its tracks!

This little guy when properly installed on your pond will stop String Algae in its tracks! We carry these at the Nursery | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, TN

– AND, its time for your annual Pond Clean-out! A yearly pond cleaning will flush out all the excess nutrients and toxins and get you ready for a new season!

So to wrap this up, String Algae can be controlled fairly easily. Do these things and I guarantee it will help. If you need professional help please give me a call – 731-424-2206 – I will try my best to answer your questions and get you headed in the right direction!

Happy Pondering!

Mark Carter
Carter’s Nursery, Pond & Patio
2846 Old Medina Rd.
Jackson, Tn. 38305
Ph# 731-424-2206


Why is my Pond Water Green? What can I do? HELP! | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, TN

There is nothing worse than spending your time and money on a Pond/Water Garden just to end up with a high maintenance, green water monster… I get calls on this very subject every week. The good news – I can help!

A green water, high maintenance pond can be turned around with the proper filtration, plants & fish load. This is a before/after of a pond that was brought into balance. WOW!

Green pond water is a symptom of a larger underlying problem caused by an imbalance in your ponds ecosystem. It is one of the most common problems that people face and can sometimes be very difficult to control. Most of the time it’s due to improper design, lack of filtration, lack of proper aquatic plant load & many times an over stocking of fish. BALANCE is the name of the game when talking about a Pond/Water Garden ecosystem!

When a Water Garden is properly designed with biological filtration, pump flow, aquatic plants, stone & gravel, proper depth and proper fish stocking rates, the result is a clear, beautiful Pond! | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, TN

OK, now that you know why your pond water is green – Imbalance and/or lack of filtration, How can you fix YOUR pond?

  • First you need to get your pond analyzed by a Professional Water Garden Designer. If your in West Tn. feel free to give me a call – I can help! My # is 731-424-2206. If your not, look for a qualified contractor in your area. I am a CAC (Certified Aquascape Contractor) & there is a good chance there is a CAC near you. There are over 300 of us in the US! Follow this link and find a CAC near you –
  • If you are a DIY person and want to do it yourself, that’s great too. You can use this same locator tool above to find supplies and such – Aquatic Plants, good filters, ecofriendly water treatments, healthy fish, etc…
  • The key is to create an ecofriendly system that will do the heavy lifting for you! A biological filter to clean the water, aquatic plants to consume the nitrates & phosphates that are feeding the algae, a skimmer to capture the debris that is settling to the pond bottom & feeding the green water, etc…
  • Once your pond is properly designed and working properly it will only take you a few minutes each week to keep your Water Feature working properly & clear.

I hope this short post helps you. I am here to answer any question you may have! Feel free to give me a call – If I’m not here, I WILL call you back 🙂 I want you to succeeded with your Water Feature! Because I know you will LOVE life with a Low Maintenance Pond.

Happy Pondering!

Mark Carter
Carter’s Nursery, Pond & Patio
2846 Old Medina Rd.
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Ph# 731-424-2206