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Throwback Thursday Love

Being in a seasonal business like I am, I have learned to take our time off during the slow season. In other words, Winter… January usually finds me on a beach somewhere down On the Gulf Coast. I was looking through some pictures of vacations past and came across this one of my son and I standing on a beach together. The funny thing to me was, I remember the exact time and day it was taken. I remember the conversation we were having. I remember where we went for dinner that evening. Many times putting a Picture with a memory brings it all together and Boom 💥 You actually remember that moment and get to almost relive it. Maybe that’s why I enjoy #throwbackthursdsy so much.

My son and me on the beach watching a sunset together. We have watched many a Sunrise 🌅 and Sunset 🌇 together. Always special #throwbackthursdsy

Enjoy your day! Throwback Thursday sometimes let’s you glance back for a moment, to gain clarity on what to look forward to again…

Mark Carter

Sent Memories | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, Tennessee

Are you on Facebook? If not, you might find this interesting 🤔 If you are, then you know of what I speak… Everyday I get a picture that I personally posted, usually years ago, it just pops up in my home feed, it’s labeled as a “Facebook Memory” and it tells you exactly how many years ago that you originally posted it. Then you get to look back through the comments and likes, and if you want you can share it as a Story or to your feed and friends. At first, I didn’t know what to think about it, but I have grown to enjoy them and I usually share them again. 

These pictures of our work that I have posted from years ago, just pop up as a “Facebook memory”… Actually pretty cool 😎 | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, Tennessee

Today’s memory was 3 years old. A couple of days ago it was a 7 year memory that I had forgotten about… 

What do YOU think 🤔 about the way social media like Facebook has changed our daily lives? How, if any, has it changed yours? 

“Memories, brought to you by Facebook”… 

Screenshot of what it looks like on your device. Do you look at these? Do you find it charming, or invasive? Just asking…

I have grown to think that it helps me share what I do. Our work at Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio is so visual! It’s hard to describe what we build so that you can form an accurate picture in your minds eye… So that picture you see, of what your backyard could actually look like, is worth a thousand words… 

I’m writing this outside and it’s starting to rain  🌧 I hope you enjoyed it 😊

Have a Great Weekend! 

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