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Meet My Personal Trainer…

Happy New Year! Ya da, ya da… Resolutions & changes, ya da, ya da… If there’s one thing I gotta do this year, it’s FIRE my personal trainer! I mean, he was with me almost everyday during the holidays & I still packed on 5 pounds 😳

2019 is behind us. But I’m still carrying some of last years weight thanks to my personal trainer here…

So I guess it’s not all his fault… I mean, it’s nice to have someone to shift the blame on, but I deserve at least some of it. In any case, it’s a New Year! And I’m gonna do better!
My 1st. Executive Decision of 2020 –

Guy, (in the voice of our Commander in Chief)

“You’re Fired”!  Boom 💥

Heres to a “Healthier” 2020 😎


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The Daily Grind Affects Us All!

Back by popular demand… A day in the life of MIKE! 

They tell me that most of us get more conservative as we get older. It makes sense, we get married, have kids, we earn more $$ and have more to conserve! We also set up routines that we follow throughout our daily lives  – exercise, eating, checking email, etc.. So I got to wondering if everyone across all boundaries followed suit?

Check this out! – A day in the life of Mike…

Mike likes his morning brew! You wouldn’t believe how cranky he gets if he ain’t had his Java!!’

You know how it is, coffee gets you started, then you gotta get ready for the day!

The old “morning constitutional” – With all the daily chores ahead – this is a great time to do a little multitasking & check my email & texts!

If I don’t stretch and exercise, my whole day is off…

Believe me folks, the “middle age spread” is REAL! Gotta eat right and do my crunches!

This time of the year with school & church festivities, there is always something to contribute 🎃

Guess who drew “bake sale” at the school fundraiser… Red Velvet Cake is the perfect choice!

It’s hard to catch a minute to just… Relax

Mike needs a little “Me time” every now and again – nothing better than kicking off my shoes 👠 and enjoying a good show and a cold drink!

You might even think the monotonous life we all leed has tamed & subdued Mike to the point that Murder is just off the menu… ?

Oh well… You know it’s hard for a leopard to change his spots 🎃

Happy Halloween 🎃 👻

~ Mark Carter