Carter's Water Garden

Sunday Reflections…

I’ve been looking at pictures from my recent trip and thinking about how Awesome it is that plants and animals know when we are going to have a big cold snap in Winter, or a hot dry Summer… Old school prognosticators have read plant and animal signs forever to forecast the coming of Winter, and it is very accurate!

Reading the orange band on the Woolley Bear will tell how severe and snowy the winter will be.

I wonder if people down in Florida use the Manatee as a source? If not, I think they might be missing something… Florida just experienced a record setting cold snap including freeze and frost warnings all the way down to Miami 😳 BUT, somehow the Manatee’s knew it was coming…

Those are Manatees that made the trip to Blue Spring in Florida to weather the Cold 🥶 Its a thermal spring that stays around 72 degrees F. There were over 650 of them here when i took this picture! A HUGE record #! Somehow they knew.

We don’t have survival instincts like that… We have to learn how to live and survive in a changing world… Pretty cool 😊

What I do know is that Spring follows Winter! Spring is Coming! I have been consumed with thoughts and planning for the coming season. I don’t know about you, but I am so ready to get my hands back in the dirt!

It was 17 degrees this morning… But by mid week we will be close to 70!!! Boom 💥 Bring it!

“He knows no winter, he who loves the soil,
For, stormy days, when he is free from toil,
He plans his summer crops, selects his seeds
From bright-paged catalogues for garden needs.
When looking out upon frost-silvered fields,
He visualizes autumn’s golden yields;
He sees in snow and sleet and icy rain
Precious moisture for his early grain;
He hears spring-heralds in the storm’s ‘ turmoil­
He knows no winter, he who loves the soil.”

~ Sudie Stuart Hager

Have a great Sunday 🙏🏻

~ Mark C.

Our Annual April 1st. ‘Chilly Willy’ Plunge is ON!!!

“As Per Tradition”, we, the “Distinguished Few” will meet at the “Big Pond”, at the Nursery to Take our Annual ‘Chilly Willy Plunge” exactly at sunrise, which is 6:41am in the morning! I am, SO! excited! 💥 Last years plunge was canceled by the “Pandemic”… But this year, IT… IS… ON!!! Tomorrow morning is the 1st day of the END of our ‘Mask Mandate as well! So feel free to come on out topless! You are still welcome to wear a mask of course, and we will make our respective plunges this year in smaller than normal groups as well. So Come on! Always a fun event! But, tomorrow mornings ‘CWP’ will be taken at a crisp, 27 degrees (+\-) Fahrenheit… A record low temperature! Can you say shrinkage 🥶

Get here early! Sunrise is 6:41am! You will need time to park and walk to the ponds edge. As you know, only about 15 people at a time have room to get in the pond comfortably. This year to make people more at ease in our “Social Distance’ world, we will limit it at 8 people per group plunge. The 1st group as always will be “first come, first in”! So I would get here early if you want to be in the official photo, that will probably be on the cover of the soon to be published Photo Book about unique activities in our area! 💥🍾

I will open the gates as early as possible so everyone can get a number and get in position. I recommend that you come dressed in your chosen ‘Plunge attire’, wearing a robe or heavy coat & water shoes or flip flops. Some have even worn Cover All’s that they unzip and step right out of. Remember, it’s gonna be COLD 🥶

REMEMBER – please RSVP so I will know how much coco and mimosas to have ready 👍🏻

  • Bring your own towels! 2 or 3 of them!

– Hot coco will be available.
PS: There’s a rumor that a ‘certain someone’, will be serving Mimosas for an epic Sunrise 🌅

Man, am I ready for this! 🌞 Viva La’ ‘Tradicion’!

Hee Haw y’all! See ya’ in the AM!

Mark C.