Carter's Water Garden

Sunday Reflection’s…

This Summer has just flown by for me… I must be having fun right 😊 Most Sundays are family days. Eat breakfast together, spend time together, etc… Today is both different and the same 💭 Today my wife and I are at a work conference that we attend yearly for training and CEU points for our certification as Pond/Water Garden Specialist. We have been working and training with some of these folks for well over 20 years… So many of these folks are like an extended family!

An extended family I have 
I am so glad 
To have you all 
I feel ten feet tall 
And I give you my all 

If you need 
You will not have to plead 
I will feel glee 
If I can give you what you need 
There is no need 
For you plead 
My love for you all is a guarantee 

Let me know you are in need 
And I will be there in lightning speed 
To help you all in your time of need 
So remember there is no need 
To plea 
I will help you in time of need 

~ Keith Wells

~ Mark C.

Waterfall Wednesday | Carter’s Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, Tennessee

This is an Awesome Waterfall!! I normally post videos of Waterfalls that we designed & built, but this week I wanted to share this one. This Pond is located at the headquarters of my distributor of Pond Filters & Supplies in Chicagoland, Illinois. This Waterfall even has a cave/grotto behind it!

Here’s a view from inside the grotto looking out. Pretty cool huh kids 😊

Now check out the video of this gorgeous Waterfall!


This is my offering for #waterfallwednesday

Have a GREAT day!


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