Carter's Water Garden

Waterfall Wednesday | Carters Nursery, Pond and Patio | Jackson, Tennessee

Some people call it Hump Day… I call it #waterfallwednesday (In the voice of Carl)😂

Yes, we again find ourselves at the midpoint of another week, and as they say “It’s all downhill from here”… Maybe that’s why Wednesdays and Waterfalls work so well together? They both flow downward to an end 😊

This is Luna standing by one of our Waterfalls. She is a beautiful calico (one of our “Nursery Rescues”) and loves to be right there with you when your out around the nursery.

You have probably seen this kitty cat 🐈 before and this Waterfall as well, but, not as much as I have 😊 And I still just love both of em’❤️
So enjoy your Wednesday! It’s all downhill from here… #waterfallwednesday

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