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Today lets look at a beautiful breed of Koi that is favored by Koi collectors the world over. The Goromo Koi –

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The Goromo’s origin started from the spawning of a male Kohaku and a female Narumi Asagi in the early 1950’s. The Asagi is one of the oldest varieties of Koi and has been the base for many of the varieties we love so much today (Kohaku, Koromo, Matsuba and many more)…

In Japanese ‘koromo’ means robed. This term has been used to describe several varieties of Koi in this grouping. The most popular and best known is the Ai Goromo (pictured above). It’s a white Koi with a “Hi” pattern very similar to a Kohaku – but each red scale is edged with black OR dark blue (going back to the Asagi). To be show quality they should have the same basics as a good Kohaku – snow white skin, deep red/crimson hi & great patterns. Young Koi should show a faint lining along the scales, because this seems to increase with age. Too much in a young Koi usually indicates that the color will eventually overwhelm it.

There are three (3) sub-types of Goromo –

Budo Goromo – They have a blue edging outside the scales the creates a “grape cluster” effect.

Ai Goromo – Blue or black edging only on the inside of the red scales.

Sumi Goromo – Black edging on the scales that can sometimes make the patterns appear completely black.

I hope you enjoy learning more about your Koi 🙂

Till next week…..

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