Carter's Water Garden

Tradition Lives On!* (see social distancing guidelines)…

As Per Tradition”, we, the “Distinguished Few” will meet at the “Big Pond”, at the Nursery & Take our Annual ‘Chilly Willy Plunge” exactly at sunrise, which is 6:41am. In the morning! Always a fun event! But, tomorrow mornings ‘CWP’ will be taken at a crisp, 37 degrees Fahrenhight! Can you say shrinkage 🥶 We are also enforcing “Social Distancing” practices on all attendees. Masks  🎭 & Rubber gloves 🧤 are required for all who attend. #BYORG&M… 

Get here early! Sunrise is 6:41am! You will need time to park and walk to the ponds edge. As you know, only about 15 people at a time have room to get in the pond comfortably. This year we will go in 3 at a time to allow the proper 6’ distancing for safety. Our 1st group in will be “first come, first served”! So I would get here early if you want to be in the official photo, that will be on the cover of Our annual book.


I will open the gates as early as possible so everyone can get a number and get in position. I recommend that you come dressed in your chosen ‘Plunge attire’, wearing a robe or heavy coat & water shoes or flip flops. Some have even worn Cover All’s that they unzip and step right out of. And don’t forget your mask 😷 & gloves 🧤! 

This year, because of health concerns we are requiring everyone to pre-register for the Chilly Willy Plunge. We have set up a Hot-Line for your convenience. Simply dial 1-800-chilly Willy, follow the prompts & get your plunge attire ready! 💥


REMEMBER – Bring your own towels! 2 or 3 of them! And, bring your own hand sanitizer & wipes as well as gloves, masks, & Lysol brand disinfect spray. 

– Hot coco will be available and will be dispensed in throw away cups.

Man, am I ready for this! 🌞 Viva La’ ‘Tradicion’!

He Haw y’all! See ya’ in the AM!

Mark C.