Carter's Water Garden

Sunday Reflection’s…

It’s always easy to “Fall back”! My personal clock didn’t change though… I was wide awake shortly after 4am this morning. My iPhone had already updated, so I changed all the clocks ⏰, reset the oven and microwave clocks… Straitened up, made coffee, made biscuits and waited for the sunrise.

Shortly after breakfast, I let the chickens 🐓 out to free range a bit, then came back to drink some coffee ☕️

In the short time that I was in the house a couple of things happened. My sons Australian Shepherd got out of the fence and not only scattered my flock of chickens that were outside, she went into the hen house & ran ALL of my chickens out and scattered them to the wind 💨

You know what comes next… Trying to locate and round up chickens isn’t easy, in fact I’m still in the process… Y’all have a wonderful Sunday afternoon 🌞

“I dream of a better tomorrow, where chickens can cross the road and not be questioned about their motives.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Mark C.

Tuesday Puppy Report 🐶

I introduced you all to Bell a couple of weeks ago and I wanted you to see how she grown 😊

Isn’t she the smartest looking little girl! She’s growing like a weed.

You don’t really notice the growth when you see them everyday… But she is progressing in every way. Smart as a whip!

I will send you another update later on.

PS: She’s sneaky 👇🏻

She loves to sneak away, then hide and watch you try to find her. She’s a handful 😊

Have a good night 😴

Mark C.