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Pond Tip Tuesday | Design Tips For The Perfect Pond | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio

Water features are popping up everywhere and it seems everyone wants a backyard Pond or Water Feature.

Water features come in many forms… Bubbling Fountains, Pondless Waterfalls, Ornamental Koi Ponds and so much more! My single biggest request is to design and install Custom Residential Watergardens and Ponds! Everyone wants their own personal Oasis! And Why Not? They add so much to your life. But remember, If it’s worth doing , it’s worth doing right.

Like any project you undertake , you should first do some research and gather info .

– First , look around at some local Water Features and talk to some people who have one in their life. Identify some interesting design elements that you like and may want to incorporate into yours. Streams, bridges, lighting, fish caves, waterfalls, jets, etc, etc…

 Go on a Pond Tour! There’s no better way to see some awesome Watergardens and talk to actual Pond owners than on a Pond Tour ! I have been on dozens of Pond Tours all over this country and there’s no better way to learn about what its like to have a Waterfall in your own backyard than on a good Pond Tour! In fact, we have our Annual ‘Moonlight Pond Tour’ coming up on Saturday, September 18th.! See some gorgeous Ponds and Waterfalls with extensive night lighting. You will find Inspiration and ideas galore! 💥

– If and when you need some help with your design, call a professional Pond Designer! When I need help outside of my Specialty, and I want something done right the first time, that’s what I do. AND – Be choosy! Make sure your dealing with a qualified Waterfeature Specialist ( like a C.A.C. – Certified Aquascape Contractor ), PS: it’s probably NOT the guy mowing your grass… Check references! Look at Their work (older and more recent)! And Always get a written contract! I have successfully installed thousands of Water Features over the last 32 years and would be more than happy to help you in your quest for the perfect Backyard Water Feature!

Getting a Backyard Pond is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do for yourself!

Viva La’ Ponds!

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