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Throwback Thursday | #throwbackthursday | Watch That 1st. Step! | Jackson, TN

I was going through some stuff and came across this old matchbook and Boom 💥 Flashback 💥 I swear I could hear the crack of the break and the smell of draft beer 🍺 I was taken back to Buddies Place on Liberty street… Talk about a Throwback Memory 🤩

I spent much of my young life at Buddies. My Dad and my Uncle Carlis were up there constantly. Shooting pool and visiting with friends. Cecil was someone I always looked up too from the time I was a little boy. Mrs. Mary that ran the bar during the day was a close family friend and I grew up with her grandsons. Ricky and Professor were also like family.

Cecil always used matchbooks as his business cards. I found this one today and it really took me back. How many of you also called Buddies a second home? Literally a place where everyone knew your name and you felt good about being there 😊

Most of the old Southern Pool Rooms are gone now… There will never be another Buddies!
If you ever went up those stairs, you know what this means! Great #throwbackthursday !

Buddies was even memorialized in a George Dickel Whiskey ad… I wasn’t working there anymore when they shot this ad, but I was there that day and watched them do it. It was pretty cool 😎 They brought in a few props and things for the shoot, and it really captured the feel of the old place.

It’s always nice to look back on good memories. Throwback Thursday is one of my favorite days!

Have a great evening!

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