Carter's Water Garden

4th. Annual ‘Aquatic Expo’


Watergardening is one of the fastest growing hobby’s in the country! Don’t miss this opportunity to learn tips and techniques from some of the Top Professional Designers and Water Feature Builders in the field. You will learn the basics of Water Feature Design, Pond Construction and Water Garden Maintenance during this 2 day symposium.

This is a 2 day event:

Day 1 : Saturday, March 28th. 9am. till 5pm. at Carter’s Nursery, Pond& Patio.

This will be a ‘Hands On’ day of Learning. We will Design and Build a functioning Eco-System Pond during the Saturday class! We will also cover Basic Aquatic Plant Design and talk about Pond Health and Fish Care. You can join in and help build the pond OR you can watch and learn from the sidelines. Bring a lawn chair, boots, gloves and expect a Fun filled day of Learning! (Lunch will be provided with ticket).

Day 2 : Sunday, March 29th. 1pm. till 5pm. at Carter’s Nursery, Pond& Patio.

This will be a ‘Hands On’ – Pond Maintenance class! We will cover everything from the basics of Pond and Aquatic Plant care, to performing a Full Pond Clean Out! We will show you how to divide and re-pot your Aquatic Plants. We will discuss Koi Health and Disease prevention, and much, much more….

Two day tickets can be purchased at Carter’s Nursery, Pond& Patio for $10 ea. (Children free with an Adult). Lunch will be provided on Saturday at the Pond Building Class.

Call Carter’s Nursery, Pond& Patio for more information: 731-424-2206 or E-mail –