Carter's Water Garden

Sunday Reflections…

Last nights blowing cool front that came in from the North felt like such a blessing! It went from high humidity and HOT to breezy and cool in a moment! Wow! It literally felt like a gift from heaven 🙏🏻 After that we took a walk around the property and admired the Gardens ❤️ Then we sat on the swing, drank coffee and listened to the dryflies, frogs & crickets 🎶

This morning is so nice as well! Coffee and the promise of a little cooler weather… I will take it!

Enjoy this day that the lord has made 🙏🏻

“The steady buzzzzzzz of the Katydid chorus, 
the bass solo of the croaking Frog,
the steady woof-woof-woof a barking Dog – 
a summer night’s serenade.”
~ Michael P. Garofalo

Mark C.

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