Carter's Water Garden

Sunday Reflections…

What a beautiful day! 86 degrees and sunny šŸŒž It has apparently lit a fire under me because I just cant sit down… We have been decorating and cooking, Fall cleaning and slowly getting rid of Summer plants that just have to make way for Fall šŸ

Plus, its been a great weekend of Football šŸˆ The TN Vols won and Alabama lost! šŸ’„

A couple of Old School TN fans right there!ā˜šŸ» They have been waiting for a great team for a while šŸ˜Š
TN played great! But seeing the Aggies beat big bad Alabama was fire! šŸ”„

Homemade fresh vegetable soup and cornbread is for dinner šŸ² Man I love a nice Fall day!

ā€œA day like a day in summer.
Exceptionally still. The long shadows of the maples
nearly mauve on the gravel paths.
And in the evening, warmth. Night like a night in summer.ā€

~ Louise Gluck

Have a great evening!

Mark C

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