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Throwback Thursday | Carters Nursery, Pond & Patio | Jackson, Tennessee

Throwback Thursday is always fun! It seems like most of my Throwbacks have lots of meaning and importance to me… I guess that’s what makes them worth the time 😊 This one for sure! My son actually tee’d this one up for me today ❤️ He made a post on Facebook today that I’m using my for this Thursday’s Throwback, check it out 👇🏻

Jacobs post – “I’m part of an amazing Tribe! The word got out we were looking for some help on a Pond Squad build and 22 Certified Aquascape Contractors showed up on their own! We are shooting in Alabama and people came from Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and one couple drove all the way down from New Hampshire! I love what I do and the people I do it with! “ #pondsquad

This project was 5 years ago in Gulf Shores, Alabama and was hosted by Gulf Shores Aquascape (shout out to Motel and Buford!) Jacob was 13 years old at the time & was over the top Thrilled to able to go with his dad! But the BIG thrill was the fact that we would be working on the ‘New’ Gulf Coast Zoo project! 💥 A little backstory here – he has grown up loving the Gulf Coast Zoo! Nicknamed “The little Zoo That Could” after surviving Hurricane Ivan in 2005! The little zoo won worldwide love and acclaim and the donations started rolling in. The writing was on the wall. The Zoo must grow and must never face another disaster like Ivan again! Which meant, Relocation! Cut to 2015 and the 1st Water Feature was being installed in the New Zoo – “The Little Zoo That Grew” in its New Location! The Waterfalls and Landscape on ‘Spider Monkey Island’ was the first BIG Water Feature for the Zoo, and it was being installed by Professional Waterfall Builders (CAC’s) on a TV 📺 Show to boot! Jacob was strait up thrilled!

Spider Monkey Island turned out fantastic! Tens of thousands of people a season will enjoy this one for years to come 😊 Jacob has a lifetime pass to the Zoo, given to him by Joey, the owner for his help and dedication to the Zoo! 💥 So he’s got that going for him 😂

Here’s a picture from many years ago at the Little Zoo with Sita, a white tiger cub. He’s gotten to have many animal encounters over the years, but he really loves those Tigers!

Here he is at a much younger age, playing with a young Tiger Cub named Sita’. Jacobs love of the Gulf Coast Zoo runs deep 😊

After we finished the Zoo, we did the residential project pictured above with the group that worked on both. Here’s a cleaned up picture with the landscaping and mulching complete and ready for the “reveal” on TV.

Jacob, Shane and I got up early early the next morning, bought 50 bags of mulch and went back over to this one and did all the mulching and touch ups to be ready for the cameras. Things like this were great teachable moments for him! Attention to details and the last touch ups are the difference between a good job and a Great one!

Here he is learning a bit about how to operate a track hoe, at 13 years old! Yes, he’s experienced for a young un’!

Yep, he’s good sized for a 13 year old! You should see him now 👀 6’3” 225!

I hope I didn’t get too carried away 😊 It’s just, good memories are worth gold. Especially on #Throwbackthursday!

Have a great night!

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