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There’s so much negativity out there right now… It’s hard to find a good story or an inspiring picture… That’s why many of us have been posting certain pictures on our Facebook pages. 

Heres How YOU Can Play! 

Copy/paste the text below & a picture as per directions. I’ve been doing it every day! 👇🏻

“Join the challenge of posting a picture of some landscape from a place where you’ve been, where the main requirement is that you NOT appear in it. Just a picture, no description. The goal is to flood profiles with landscape photos to give a twist on the situation we’re going through.
Copy the text to your status, post a photo and let’s travel virtually!!”

I have a LOT of pictures from beautiful places that I will be posting daily! Like this one 👇🏻

I took this one in a kayak on Birdsong Creek. I am going to post one every morning on my Facebook page! Check it out 👇🏻

This is something we can all do. Spread some Beauty during this time of crisis! 

I hope you will enjoy the pictures I post 😊

Y’all stay safe & God Bless! 🙏🏻

Mark Carter
Carter’s Nursery, Pond & Patio
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